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5 February 2014

The Mycenaean cemetery of Agios Vasilios in Chalandritsa in Achaea – A preliminary report (in Greek)

Κωνσταντίνα Ακτύπη Προϊστορήματα 6 (February 2014).


In the late 1920’s Nikolaos Kyparissis discovered the Mycenaean chamber tomb cemetery at Agios Vasilios, near Chalandritsa in central Achaea and excavated some of the tombs. During the following decades archaeological work undertaken in the area revealed several sites and finds, but it seems uncertain weather any of that concerned the cemetery of Agios Vasilios. Therefore, the cemetery fell victim to numerous looting incidents and it was from 1989 onwards that more tombs where discovered, as the result of rescue excavations by the archaeologists of ST’ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities.

The data from these first excavations, in conjunction with the more recent ones, have led to interesting observations. The significance of the cemetery lies in its size as well as in its place within the broader geographical, cultural and temporal context. The data available indicate that this was a site of major importance in the region, directly related to the prominent Mycenaean settlement at Stavros, 1,5 km. to the southeast, which has been brought to light in 1985 and has now been excavated in its greater part. Although far from the palatial centres of the Mycenaean world, the region appears to have been very much part of that sphere. Artefacts found in the cemetery indicate the existence of long-range contacts, reflecting the pivotal role of western Achaea in the extensive trade route networks across the eastern and central Mediterranean in the 13th and 12th cent. B.C. Furthermore, the diachronic use of the site and its region has been attested by the finding of geometric and archaic pottery in some of the tombs. Today, Chalandritsa with the cemetery to the west and the settlement to the east is considered one of the most significant Mycenaean sites in western Achaea.

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