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27 December 2014

The olive-branch dating of the Santorini eruption

Paolo Cherubini, Turi Humbel, Hans Beeckman, Holger Gärtner, David Mannes, Charlotte Pearson, Werner Schoch, Roberto Tognetti & Simcha Lev Yadun Antiquity 88:339 (March 2014), 267-273

From the introduction

The massive eruption of the volcano beneath the island of Thera (Santorini) in the middle of the Aegean Sea provides a fundamental datum point in the history of the Late Bronze Age civilisations of the eastern Mediterranean. The archaeological remains excavated at Akrotiri include impressive architecture, remarkable wall-paintings and large numbers of other finds and provide an unparalleled view of Aegean civilisation in the middle of the second millennium BC. The eruption occurred close to the height of the power and infiuence of the civilisation centred on Minoan Crete. Chronology is of major importance for understanding the interconnections and influences between the ancient civilisations of the Aegean, Egypt and the Near East.


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