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2 June 2012

The Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project (SHARP): Investigations at Mycenaean Kalamianos, 2007-2009

Thomas F. Tartaron, Daniel J. Pullen, Richard K. Dunn, Lita Tzortzopoulou-Gregory, Amy Dill & Joseph I. Boyce Hesperia 80:4 (2011): 559-634.


This article describes the initial phase of investigations at Kalamianos, a recently discovered Mycenaean coastal settlement on the Saronic Gulf in the southeastern Corinthia. To date 50 buildings and 120 rooms of Late Helladic IIIB date have been identified at the site, which is unique for the excellent preservation of aboveground architectural remains. Beyond the site is another large Mycenaean architectural complex, as well as small fortified enclosures and terrace walls also dating to the Bronze Age. The evidence indicates that Kalamianos was a significant center of Mycenaean activity in the 13th century B.C., and possibly served as Mycenae’s principal harbor on the Saronic Gulf.


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