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5 December 2016

The Wanassa and the Damokoro: a new interpretation of a Linear B text from Pylos

Jorrit M. Kelder & Marco Poelwijk Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 56 (2016): 572-584


This paper aims to highlight a number of problems involved with current interpretations and identifications of persons in Ta 711, a Linear B tablet from the Mycenaean palace of Pylos, which records a number of objects that were presented on the occasion of the appointment of a da-mo-ko-ro. Contrary to current thinking, we argue that Pu2-ke-qi-ri, the person who appears to have recorded or received the gifts listed in this tablet, was not necessarily a male, and that an argument can be made that this person was attached to the household of the Queen. In addition, we propose that the da-mo-ko-ro, the official whose appointment is mentioned in the same text, may be compared to the Hittite LÚ.MEŠ AGRIG, the keeper of royal storerooms.


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