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6 December 2016

Un nuovo frammento di tavoletta in lineare A da Festòs (PH 54)

Pietro Militello Annuario della Scuola archeologica di Atene e delle missioni italiane in Oriente XCII, Serie III.14 (2014) [2016]: 155-165


In 2013 a new fragment of linear A tablet (PH 54) was found in the Complesso NE of Phaistos, Vano XL/101, area 1 (Western ‘cist’) from where also the linear A tablet PH 1 and the Phaistos Disk came. The tablet in the post-excavation filling, whose material, however, was largely homogeneous (MM IIIA) and should represent therefore the original destruction deposit of Room 101. Unfortunately, only two lines have been preserved, perhaps on rasura, and only the first can be read clearly AB 28-31-53-44[:I-SA-RI-KE]. The word is an hapax in itself, but with some parallels for I-SA-RI (PH 6.4) and SA-RI (ZA 24). Independently from the interpretation, the tablet testifies the intense administrative activity in Phaistos also in MM IIIA, connected perhaps with the industrial activities performed in the ‘Vano 101’.


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