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10 February 2015

Una tomba a fossa del tardo Mesoelladico – inizi del Tardo Elladico a Tirinto: la tomba infantile in LXV 38/62

Clarissa Belardelli Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici 54 (2012) [2014], 165-184


The full evidence concerning the MH III-LH I child burial found at Tiryns inside the Unterburg (LXV 38/62) is here presented and thoroughly discussed. The grave goods include personal objects and drinking vessels; the presence of MH, matt painted miniaturistic vessels together with a wheel-made askos decorated with LH motifs and technique is emphasized. Bronze objects and glass beads, together with obsidian small tools, have good comparisons with finds from several children burials from other sites in Argolis, in particular with that from Argos, Tumulus D (140). The location of the tomb, the characteristics of the burial and the grave goods are thoroughly examined, allowing to formulate hypothesis about ritual, chronology and social changes inside the early LH Tiryns community.


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