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15 October 2010

20 χρόνια. Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και στη Θράκη. Επετειακός τόμος (20 years. The Archaeological Work at Macedonia and Thrace. Anniversary volume)

Edited by Polyxeni Adam-Veleni & Katerina Tzanavari

20 χρόνια. Το Αρχαιολογικό Έργο στη Μακεδονία και στη Θράκη. Επετειακός τόμος (20 years. The Archaeological Work at Macedonia and Thrace. Anniversary volume)

City: Thessaloniki

Year: 2009

Publisher: Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Aristotle University

Description: Paperback, 490 p., b/w ill., drawings, maps, tables, 29×21 cm


The volume publishes the Proceedings from the 20th anniversary Conference of the Archaeological Work at Macedonia and Thrace. Most of the articles are written in Greek and are followed by an extensive English summary. A large number of them refer to the prehistoric period and publish new evidence on Macedonia and Thrace.


Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, ‘Farmhouses in Macedonia: the beginnings of “feudalism”?’ [1-15].

Victoria Allamani, Angeliki Koukouvou & Irene Psarra, ‘Mieza, city in Imathia’ [17-30].

Ioannis Aslanis, ‘Agios Mamas, Neas Olynthou, (Prehistoric Olynth) a peripheral settlement in the Middle Helladic world: the data from Minyan ware’ [31-40].

Sophia Asouchidou, ‘Kriaritsi Sykias,Chalcidice 1996-2000: comprehensive presentation of excavation results’ [41-50].

Francine Blondé, Arthur Muller & Dominique Mulliez, ‘Thasos: people and environmental parameters in city-planning’ [51-62].

Stella Drougou, ‘Vergina: the “Heuzey” tombs’ [63-73].

Stella Drougou, Chrysanthi Kallini & Lydia Trakatelli, ‘Excavation of the ancient acropolis at Kastri Polyneriou (Municipality of Th. Ziakas), Prefecture of Grevena’ [75-82].

Bernhard Hänsel, ‘Das Ende der Tellsiedlungen aus der Sicht eines Ausgräbers’ [83-93].

Despina Ignatiadou & John Hugh Seiradakis, “A solar observatory in the lion-hunt painting at Vergina” [95-104].

Georgia Karamitrou-Mentesidi, ‘Aiani and the Prefecture of Kozani: ten years of research’ [105-126].

†Narkissos Karydas, ‘Early Christian houses with triclinium in Thessaloniki – Part II: ten years after’ [127-141].

Aggeliki Kottaridi, ‘The necropolis of Aigai during the Archaic Period and the clusters of royal tombs’ [143-153].

Tony Kozelj & Manuela Wurch-Kozelj, ‘The study of Thasos marble quarries during the last decades’ [155-167].

Maria Lilibaki-Akamati, ‘Archaeological work at Pella, 1987-2007’ [169-184].

Jean-Jacques Maffre, ‘Trente ans de recherches sur la céramique attique trouvée a Thasos par l’École française d’Athènes depuis 1956’ [185-203].

Euterpe Marki, ‘Rescue excavations as the chief factor in forming our image of Byzantine Thessaloniki’ [205-219].

Vasso Missailidou-Despotidou, ‘Aphytis 1997-2006’ [221-237].

Artemisia Bilouka & Ioannis Graekos, ‘Nea Kallikrateia, Chalcidice: recent rescue excavations (1999-2005) in the Eretrian colony of the Dikaiopolites on the Thermaic Gulf’ [239-247].

Stratos Nanogloy & Maria Pappa, ‘Representation of the human form in the Neolithic settlement of Makrygialos, Pieria’ [249-259].

Dimitriow Pantermalis, ‘Dion – On history and worship’ [261-271].

Anna Panti, ‘Rock-cut constructions from the excavations of the 16th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities at Karabournaki’ [273-284].

Semeli Pingiatoglou, ‘Dion: The sanctuaries of Demeter and Asclepius: excavations during the past twenty years’ [285-294].

Chryssoula Saatsoglou-Paliadeli, ‘Vergina 1977/87-2006’ [295-306].

Thomi Savvopoulou, ‘The archaeological research at Kilkis’ [307-315].

Kostas Sismanidis, ‘Excavations at ancient Kalindoia to the present’ [317-328].

Eudokia Skarlatidou, ‘The Cemetery of Thermi (formerly Sedes), Thessaloniki: 20 years of excavation’ [329-343].

Kostas Soueref, ‘Toumba, Thessaloniki: excavations on the trapeza and in the ancient cemetery’ [345-358].

Kostas Soueref, ‘Souroti, prefecture of Thessaloniki: excavations in the ancient cemetery’ [359-368].

Katerina Tzanavari & Kostas Filis, ‘Lete from the Prehistoric period to Late Antiquity’ [369-384].

Michalis Tiverios, ‘Karabournaki: University of Thessaloniki excavations’ [385-396].

Michalis Tiverios, ‘The double trapeza at Anchialos’ [397-407].

Polixeni Tsatsopoulou, ‘Mesemvria – Zone: the contribution of archaeological research in the quest for the identification of the Samothracian colonies’ [409-419].

Elisavet Bettina Tsigarida & Eleni Papadimitriou, ‘New evidence on the historical topography of Cassandra (Chalcidice)’ [421-433].

Maria Tsimbidou-Avloniti, ‘Excavations in Finikas, Thessaloniki, 1987-2006 – Twenty years of surprising discoveries’ [435-448].

Areti-Hondroyanni-Metoki, ‘Haliakmon 1985-2005: archaeological research in the area of the artificial lake of Polyfytos (the valley around the middle of the Haliakmon river), results and perspectives’ [449-462].

Anastasia Chrysostomou, ‘Ancient Edessa: The extra-urban use of space’ [463-476].

Anastasia Chrysostomou & Pavlos Chrysostomou, ‘The cemeteries of the ancient settlement of Archontiko, Pella’ [477-490].


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