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2 September 2013

Aurignacian Clay Hearths from Klissoura Cave 1

Malgorzata Kot

Aurignacian Clay Hearths from Klissoura Cave 1

City: Oxford

Year: 2012

Publisher: Archaeopress

Series: BAR International Series 2331

Description: Paperback, 65 p., illustrated in black and white and colour, 29,7x21 cm


The Klissoura cave site (Argolid, Greece) is a multi–layered site with layers dating back to the Middle Palaeolithic. In the Aurignacian layer were found concave clay forms which are estimated, by C14 dates, to be 35–37.5 calibrated kyrs BP. In this study the author takes an experimental approach to investigate these important primitive features.


Acknowledgements [3]

List of Figures [4]

Introduction [5]

Chapter 1. Description of the clay hearths [6]

Chapter 2. Methodology of the experiments [8]

Chapter 3. First series of experiments [11]

Chapter 4. Second series of experiments [13]

Chapter 5. Third series of experiments [18]

Chapter 6. Fourth series of experiments [28]

Chapter 7. Results [53]

Chapter 8. Conclusions: The uses of the clay hearths [57]

Bibliography [61]


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