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1 November 2019

Daidalos at Work. A Phenomenological Approach to the Study of Minoan Architecture

Clairy Palyvou

Daidalos at Work. A Phenomenological Approach to the Study of Minoan  Architecture

City: Philadelphia

Year: 2018

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Description: Paperback, 254 p., 202 b/w and colour figures, 18 x 25.5 cm


The Bronze Age was a time of affluence and innovation for Crete, a unique “moment” in the early history of architecture that, in a bizarre way, seems to echo the formative years of the Modern world of the 20th century AD. The mythical Daidalos, with his many attributes and tasks, stands for the prototpye of “an architect at work” following orders and desires set by his clients and by society. The labyrinth, as a paradigm of order, stands for the primordial idea of architecture and a metaphor of human existence.

In this book, architecture is the protagonist, and phenomenology is the conceptual framework used to study the architecture of Minoan Crete. A broad and comprehensive view of the history and complexities of this architecture and its discourse is presented, deepened by an analysis of the numerous parameters and intentions that guided the design of Minoan buildings, with an emphasis on monumental palaces such as Knossos. Addressing archaeologists, architectural historians, and architects alike, it explores the multiple meanings and influences of architecture, ultimately enriching our understanding of how people interact with their environment. This book provides a view of the Minoan world through its architecture as well as an exploration of architecture through the Minoan paradigm.


List of Figures [xi-xxiii]

List of Abbreviations [xxv]

Preface and Acknowledgments [xxvii-xxxii]

Introduction [1-11]

1. Minoan Architecture in the Turmoil of the 20th Century [13-25]

2. Land Matters [27-38]

3. The Circle and the Square [39-47]

4. Boundaries and Connectors [49-79]

5. Configuration of the Constituent Parts [81-107]

6. Design and Execution [109-131]

7. The Art of Building [133-148]

8. The Art of Appearance [149-170]

9. On Function in Architecture and Archaeology [171-183]

10. The Minoan Palace: Empowering the Center [185-212]

11. Back to the 21st Century A.D.: Reflections from the Future [213-227]

References [229-250]

Index [251-254]


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