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BOOKS | 2018

1 May 2020

Die goldenen Siegelringen der Ägäischen Bronzezeit

Nadine Becker

Die goldenen Siegelringen der Ägäischen Bronzezeit

City: Heidelberg

Year: 2018

Publisher: Heidelberg University Publishing

Description: Paperback, 666 p., numerous b/w figures, 20 x 26.9 cm.


The aim of the present work is to present a comprehensive survey of the genre of Minoan and Mycenaean signet rings in its chronological, technical and iconographic development. The study of the material faces two main problems: First, seal images of supposedly religious content have always been a vividly discussed subject of research, while signet rings with allegedly lesser pictographical potential were (and still are) significantly underrepresented in the literature. Second, many rings do not exist as real objects, but only in their negative form as imprints on clay. These imprints were never systematically merged with the surviving rings, so that no complete picture of the genre as a whole could be drawn. The overall impression of the genre was thus strongly distorted. Furthermore, the origin, production and function of the signet rings within their respective contexts have only been inadequately examined. In combination with an iconographic analysis, examining these parameters enables a broad understanding of this archaeological genre as a whole and allow us to draw conclusions about the actual function of these rings within their former sphere of perception.

The work comprises a technical analysis (Chapter II), a context analysis (Chapter III), a functional analysis (Chapter IV) and an iconographic analysis (Chapter V). In Chapter VI, the possibilities of distinguishing Minoan and Mycenaean signets is discussed and in the last chapter of the work (Chapter VII) the cultural-historical evaluation is presented. Within the chapters, attention is always paid to a chronological order, so that a distinction between Minoan and Mycenaean signets and impressions becomes clear. For this reason, the catalog of signet rings and the catalog of impressions is not based on localities or motifs, but on a chronological order based on style (the stylistic dating itself is discussed extensively in Chapter VI).


Danksagung [11-12]
Abstract [13-15]
Generelle Abkürzungen [17-20]
Tafeln [21-23]

Kapitel I: Einleitung [25-46]

Kapitel II: Technische Analyse [47-114]

Kapitel III: Kontextanalyse [115-160]

Kapitel IV: Funktionanalyse [161-240]

Kapitel V: Ikonographische Analyse [241-284]

Kapitel VI: Die Unterscheidung minoischer und mykenischer Siegelringe [285-312]

Kapitel VII: Fazit [313-330]

Kataloteil [331-621]

Literatur [623-655]
Abbildungsverzeichis [657-659]
Abbildungsnachweis/Konkordanzen [661-666]


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