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BOOKS | 2014

14 October 2015

Final Neolithic Crete and the Southeast Aegean

Krzysztof Nowicki

City: Boston/ Berlin

Year: 2014

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

Description: Hardback, 496 p., 284 b/w figures, 83 b/w plates, 28,5x21,5 cm


This book presents an archaeological study of Crete in transition from the Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age (c. 4000 to 3000 BC) within the broader South Aegean context. The study, based on the author’s own fieldwork, contains a gazetteer ofover 170sites. The material from these sites will prompt archaeologists in Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East to reconsider their understanding of the foundation of Bronze Age civilization in the Aegean.


Acknowledgements VII
Preface IX

Chapter 1: Introduction [1]

Chapter 2: Geography of the South Aegean [14]

Chapter 3: The Neolithic Beginning [43]

Chapter 4: The Final Neolithic in Crete: Terminology and Chronology [61]

Chapter 5: The Final Neolithic in Crete: the Sites [77]

Chapter 6: The Final Neolithic in Crete: Material Culture [245]

Chapter 7: The Final Neolithic/Late Chalcolithic in the Southeast Aegean [302]

Chapter 8: Concluding Remarks [369]

Bibliography [380]
Appendix 1 [389]
Appendix 2 [394]
Figures in the Text [398]
Index [402]
Plates [411]


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