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BOOKS | 2017

1 January 2020

From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean

Edited by Julie Hruby & Debra Trusty

From Cooking Vessels to Cultural Practices in the Late Bronze Age Aegean

City: Oxford

Year: 2017

Publisher: Oxbow books

Description: Paperback, 173 p., numerous colour and b/w figures, numerous b/w tables, 21.5 x 28 cm


Late Bronze Age Aegean cooking vessels illuminate prehistoric cultures, foodways, social interactions, and communication systems. While many scholars have focused on the utility of painted fineware vessels for chronological purposes, the contributors to this volume maintain that cooking wares have the potential to answer not only chronological but also economic, political, and social questions when analysed and contrasted with assemblages from different sites or chronological periods. The text is dedicated entirely to prehistoric cooking vessels, compiles evidence from a wide range of Greek sites and incorporates new methodologies and evidence.

The contributors utilise a wide variety of analytical approaches and demonstrate the impact that cooking vessels can have on the archaeological interpretation of sites and their inhabitants. These sites include major Late Bronze Age citadels and smaller settlements throughout the Aegean and surrounding Mediterranean area, including Greece, the islands, Crete, Italy, and Cyprus. In particular, contributors highlight socio-economic connections by examining the production methods, fabrics and forms of cooking vessels. Recent improvements in excavation techniques, advances in archaeological sciences, and increasing attention to socioeconomic questions make this is an opportune time to renew conversations about and explore new approaches to cooking vessels and what they can teach us.


Preface [vi]

Contributors [vii]

1. Approaches to Bronze Age Greek cooking vessels [1-5]
Debra Trusty & Julie Hruby

2. Undervalued and overlooked: The study of Minoan and Mycenaean cooking vessels in the Bronze Age south and west Aegean [6-14]
Debra Trusty

3. Finding haute cuisine: Identifying shifts in food styles from cooking vessels [15-26]
Julie Hruby

4. Mycenaean cooking vessels from Iklaina [27-38]
Joann Gulizio & Cynthia W. Shelmerdine

5. Mycenaean cooking pots: Attempt at an interregional comparison [39-45]
Bartlomiej Lis

6. Aeginetan Late Bronze and Early Iron Age cooking pottery [46-56]
Walter Gauss, Evangelia Kiriatzi, Michael Lindblom, Bartlomiej Lis & Jerolyn E. Morrison

7. Aegean fusion cuisine: Ayia Irini, Kea as cultural “middle ground” [57-71]
Evi Gorogianni, Natalie Abell & Jill Hilditch

8. Food and cultural identity on Kos during the Bronze Age: A typological, technological, and macroscopic fabric analysis of the storage and cooking pottery assemblage [72-97]
Salvatore Vitale & Jerolyn E. Morrison

9. Late Minoan kitchens at Mochlos, Crete [98-115]
Jerolyn E. Morrison

10. Cooking vessels and cooking installations in the Mediterranean Bronze Age: A comparative evaluation of household practices in LM IIIC Crete and LB A Italy [116-126]
Elisabetta Borgna & Sara T. Levi

11. Cooking vessels from Late Bronze Age Cyprus: Local traditions, western and eastern innovations [127-145]
Reinhard Jung

12. Mycenaean cooking pots: A North American perspective [146-150]
Michael L. Galaty

References [151-168]

Index [169-173]


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