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1 May 2020

From Maple to Olive: Proceedings of a Colloquium to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Canadian Institute in Greece. Athens, 10–11 June 2016

Edited by David W. Rupp & Jonathan E. Tomlinson

From Maple to Olive: Proceedings of a Colloquium to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Canadian Institute in Greece. Athens, 10–11 June 2016

City: Athens

Year: 2017

Publisher: Canadian Institute in Greece

Series: Publications of the Canadian Institute in Greece, no. 10

Description: Paperback, 562 p., numerous b/w tables and numerous b/w figures, 17 x 24.2 cm.


In the 1990s, there were times when it appeared as though the then Canadian Archaeological Institute at Athens would not see the light of the new millennium. In 2015, with the now Canadian Institute in Greece’s 40th anniversary of its official recognition as one of the foreign archaeological schools and institutes by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture fast approaching, the authors thought it would be appropriate to celebrate this achievement with a colloquium. With the full support of the Board of Directors, this auspicious occasion was marked by a two-day gathering on June 10th and 11th, 2016, in Athens entitled “From Maple to Olive: A Colloquium to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Canadian Institute in Greece.”


Preface [13-14]
Abstracts [15-33]

The Other Papers Presented at the Colloquium [34]

CIG – Forty Years in Greece [35-44]
Gerald P. Schaus

From Maple to Olive: Canadian Fieldwork and Research Transforming the Archaeologies of Greece [45-73]
David W. Rupp

The Stélida Naxos Archaeological Project: New Studies of an Early Prehistoric Lithic Quarry in the Cyclades [75-103]
Tristan Carter, Daniel A. Contreras, Justin Holcomb, Danica D. Mihailović, Nikolaos Skarpelis, Kathryn Campeau, Theodora Moutsiou & Demetris Athanasoulis

Kontra Gliate: the pottery from the earliest phase of the acropolis (Final Neolithic-Early Bronze Age) [105-123]
Margarita Nazou

The Kamares Cave and the Early Ritual Landscape of South Central Crete: Diachronic Changes in Cave Rituals [125-154]
Loeta Tyree

Of Bulls and Banquets: James Walter Graham’s Contributions to Minoan Archaeology and their Lasting Influence [155-176]
D. Matthew Buell

Mycenaean Eleon and Eastern Boeotia during the Bronze Age [177-191]
Bryan Burns, Brendan Burke & Alexandra Charami

Using Archaeological Science to Reconstruct Mycenaean Burial Practices [193-206]
R. Angus K. Smith, Mary K. Dabney & James C. Wright

Three Puzzles in the Prehistory of Southern Euboea [207-238]
Tracey Cullen, Lauren E. Talalay, Žarko Tankosić, Donald R. Keller & Markos Katsianis

Fact or Fiction? Lithics-only Prehistoric Sites in the Karystian Plain in Light of New Evidence from Southern Euboea [239-252]
Žarko Tankosić

Excavations in the Castle and North Harbour Area of Mytilene [253-264]
Hector Williams

Archaic Imported Fine Wares from the Lower Town Site at Mytilene, Lesbos [265-302]
Gerald P. Schaus

Un complexe commercial à Argilos [303-315]
Jacques Perreault & Zisis Bonias

Notes sur un groupe de « cratères » tardo-archaïques d’Argilos [317-344]
Martin Perron

Architectural Energetics and Archaic Cretan Urbanisation [345-383]
Rodney D. Fitzsimons

Archaic and Classical Eleon in Eastern Boeotia: Excavations from 2011-2015 [385-399]
Brendan Burke, Bryan Burns & Alexandra Charami

The Athenians and the Sikels in the late fifth century BC [401-419]
Spencer Pope

To Argos: Archaeological survey in the Western Argolid, 2014-2015 [421-438]
Scott Gallimore, Sarah A. James, William Caraher & Dimitri Nakassis

Selected Motifs on Votive Offerings of Jewelry from the Acropolis Sanctuary, Stymphalos: Identifying Female Cult Possibilities [439-460]
Alexis Young

Negotiating Identities: Material Expression of Cult in Perrhaibia [461-484]
Gino Ruggiero Canlas

Cultural Landscapes and Resources in Sphakia, SW Crete: A Diachronic Perspective [485-504]
Lucia Nixon & Jennifer Moody

Roman Influence on Greek Sphakia [505-533]
Jane Francis

The Leukos Survey Project: An Early and Middle Byzantine Port [535-555]
D. J. Ian Begg, Michael C. Nelson, Todd Brenningmeyer & Amanda Kelly

List of Contributors [557-562]


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