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15 December 2009

From Mesogeia to Argosaronikos. B΄ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Research of a decade, 1994-2003. Proceedings of Conference, Athens, December 18-20, 2003

Edited by Vivi Vassilopoulou and Stella Katsarou-Tzeveleki

From Mesogeia to Argosaronikos. B΄ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Research of a decade, 1994-2003. Proceedings of Conference, Athens, December 18-20, 2003

City: Markopoulo of Mesogeia

Year: 2009

Publisher: Municipality of Markopoulo of Mesogeia

Description: Paperback, 621 p., colour & b/w ill., 29×21 cm


A collection of 40 papers (and one inaugural address) from the conference From Mesogeia to Argosaronikos, held in Athens on 18-20 December 2003. The book presents recent excavations and finds conducted by the Second Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Attica, Piraeus, Troezen and the islands of Kythera and Antikythera during the decade 1994-2003 (since then the Second Ephorate has been divided into two Ephorates). The papers are presented following a geographical sequence. All papers are in Greek, followed by abstracts in English.


O. Kakavogianni, ‘Brief history of the Second Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities’ [19-20].

G. Steinhauer, Opening ceremony [21].

G. Steinhauer, ‘Inaugural address to the Conference. The work of Second Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in the decade 1994-2003’ [23-46].

O. Kakavogianni, ‘Topography of the area of the ancient demos Myrrhinous’ [47-78].

M. Sklavos, E. Tselepi, M. Anetakis & S. Markou, ‘Ancient farmhouses and other building complexes at Merenda’ [79-92].

E. Aloupi, I. Aslani, A. Karidas, C. Zarkadas, M. Gika, V. Gionis & G. Chrysikos, ‘Non-destructive analyses of decorated pottery from eastern Attica’ [92-102].

O. Kakavogianni, V. Argyropoulos, M. Anetakis, M. Kontopanagou & M. Sklavos, ‘Public buildings, small sanctuaries and roads in the area around the ancient temple at Merenda’ [103-126].

A. Petrou, E. Salavoura, A. Pitsikoulis, M. Sklavos & V. Argyropoulos, ‘Mycenaean tombs and communal cemeteries of the Geometric, Archaic and Classical periods’ [127-142].

O. Kakavogianni, E. Tselepi & C. Katsavou, ‘Early Neolithic settlement and Late Neolithic house at Merenta’ [143-158].

O. Kakavogianni, K. Dimitriou, C. Koutsothanasis & A. Petrou, ‘Early Helladic settlement at Merenda’ [159-176].

O. Kakavogianni & V. Argyropoulos, ‘Ancient temple and fountain at Merenda’ [177-188].

M. Anetakis, E. Syrianou, M. Kontopanagou, A. Petrou, E. Palaiokosta, I. Dovinou & V. Vlachodimitropoulou, ‘Cemeteries, burial enclosures, chthonic sanctuary and building with andron at Merenda’ [189-204].

A. Tsaravopoulos & K. Papathanasiou, ‘The rescue excavations of the Second Ephorate in the area of Kalyvia, Thorikos, 1993-2004’ [205-212].

G. Steinhauer, ‘New archaeological excavations in the area of the Eleftherios Venizelos airport’ [213-220].

K. Efstratiou, M. Stathi & I. Mathioudaki, ‘Archaeological research in an Early Helladic I structure at Loutsa, Attica’ [221-236].

O. Kakavogianni, P. Michailidi, F. Nezeri & K. Douni, ‘From the Early Helladic settlement at Lambrika, Koropi’ [237-248].

M. Mexi, ‘Archaeometric analyses of lithic tools from the Early Bronze Age settlement at Koropi’ [249-258].

O. Kakavogianni, D. Paras, K. Douni & P. Michailidi, ‘The Mycenaean cemetery at Vourvatsi, cemeteries, hydraulic works and other structures from the Geometric to late Classical period at Lambrica, Koropi’ [259-272].

M. Oikonomakou, ‘Lavreotiki & Marathon: New investigations’ [273-286].

G.N. Tsokas, P.I. Tsourlos, G. Steinhauer, A. Stambolidis, G. Vargemezis & M. Oikonomakou, ‘Large scale exploration in Marathon using Electrical Tomographies’ [287-298].

P. Agallopoulou, ‘Coins from rescue excavations at Oropos’ [299-308].

G. Steinhauer, Excavations on the Attici Odos in the area of modern Pallene’ [309-316].

D. M. Christodoulou, ‘The ancient demos of Pallene and the so-called ‘battle of Pallene’ [317-324].

G. Vargemezis, G.N. Tsokas, P. Tsourlos, A. Rammou, D.M. Christodoulou & S. Karamanis, ‘Geophysical investigations along the scheduled route of Stavros-Rafina avenue at kilometric position 800-1.200’ [325-330].

M. Raftopoulou, ‘Gerakas: New evidence for the urban design and importance of the ancient demos of Pallene’ [331-342].

M. Drillia & E. Gavriel, ‘The ancient road to Mesogeia: New evidence from the METRO excavations’ [343-358].

L. Lambrou, ‘Study of the masonry materials of the Adrianic Aqueduct’ [359-372].

V. Antonopoulou & E. Manganioti, ‘The ancient cemetery near Marathonos avenue, at Stavros, Gerakas’ [373-382].

O. Kakavogianni & K. Douni, ‘Small-scale investigations and excavations at prehistoric sites in the Mesogeia’ [383-398].

O. Kakavogianni & P. Galiatsatou, ‘From the ancient cemeteries in the Mesogeia’ [399-422].

O. Kakavogianni, H. Tselios, A. Tsaliki, E. Syrianou, C. Koutsothanasis, K. Douni & A. Koutroumbi, ‘Glyka Nera: Finds of historical times’ [423-432].

K. Kaza-Papageorgiou, ‘Alimos, Elliniko and Glyphada: New prehistoric and historic finds from excavations in private and public areas’ [433-450].

M. Petritaki, ‘Attempt of reconstructing the ancient topography of the broader area of Pireus on the basis of new excavation data’ [451-480].

G. Steinhauer, ‘The commercial harbour of ancient Piraeus’ [481-488].

K. Axioti, ‘Excavation in a building plot in Terpsitheas Square at Piraeus’ [489-496].

E. Konsolaki-Yannopoulou, ‘New prehistoric finds from Troezenia’ [497-518].

M. Yannopoulou, ‘The results of recent investigations at ancient Troezen’ [519-536].

I. Petrocheilos, ‘Paliokastro on Kythera: New archaeological evidences’ [537-548].

S.A. Paspalas & T.E. Gregory, ‘Preliminary conclusions on the surface survey of the Australian Institute at Athens in Kythera, 1999-2003’ [549-560].

A. Tsaravopoulos, ‘The work of the B΄ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities on the island of Kythera’ [561-576].

A. Tsaravopoulos, ‘The work of the B΄ Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities on the island of Antikythera, 1999-2003’ [577-592].

D.U. Schilardi, ‘Investigations in the northern suburbs of Athens, 1998-2003’ [593-612].

K. Kalantzopoulou-Skalidou, ‘Le minimalisme de la recherché européene aux programmes éducatives de la B΄ Ephorie des antiquités préhistorique et classiques’ [613-616].



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