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BOOKS | 2009

9 December 2010

Inside the City in the Greek World: Studies of Urbanism from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Period

Edited by Sara Owen & Laura Preston

Inside the City in the Greek World: Studies of Urbanism from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic Period

City: Cambridge

Year: 2009

Publisher: Oxbow Books

Series: University of Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology Monograph 1

Description: Paperback, 140 p., b/w ill., plans, maps, 24,2x16,9 cm


The focus of much recent archaeological study of urbanism has been on the relationship between urban centres and the rural sphere. However, this important line of inquiry has generally neglected the internal workings of cities. This volume presents an archaeological approach to urbanism in the ancient Aegean and related areas. In a series of articles investigating case studies from the Minoan palace centres of Bronze Age Crete to Hellenistic Beirut, it highlights the importance of analysing urban centres from within, to explore the widely differing ways in which people lived in, perceived and modified their built environments in the Greek world.


Laura Preston & Sara Owen, Introduction: Inside the city in the Greek World’ [1-13].

Carl Knappett, ‘Scaling up: From household to state in Bronze Age Crete’ [14-26].

Ilse Schoe, Social and political aspects of urbanism in Middle Minoan I-II Crete: Towards a regional approach’ [27-40].

Jan Driessen, ‘Daidalos’ designs and Ariadne’s threads: Minoan towns as places of interaction’ [41-54].

Elizabeth French, ‘Town planning in palatial Mycenae’ [55-61].

Irene Lemos, Antonia Livieratou & Marina Thomatos, ‘Post-palatial urbanization: Some lost opportunities’ [62-84].

Sara Owen, ‘The “Thracian” landscape of archaic Thasos’ [85-98].

Anthony Snodgrass, ‘The classical Greek cemetery: A barometer of citizenship?’ [99-107].

Emmanuele Greco, ‘The urban plan of Thourioi: Literary sources and archaeological evidence for a Hippodamian city’ [108-117].

Lisa Nevett, ‘Domestic Facades: A ‘feature’ of the urban landscape of Greek Poleis?’ [118-130].

Nadine Boksmati, ‘Space and identity in Hellenistic Beirut’ [131-140].


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