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10 April 2013

INTERMEZZO. Intermediacy and Regeneration in Middle Minoan III Palatial Crete

Edited by Colin F. Macdonald & Carl Knappett

INTERMEZZO. Intermediacy and Regeneration in Middle Minoan III Palatial Crete

City: London

Year: 2013

Publisher: The British School at Athens

Series: British School at Athens Studies 21

Description: Hardback, xxii & 227 p., 198 figures, 8 tables, 29.7x21 cm


The Middle Minoan III period on Crete was initially identified and studied in detail at Knossos by Sir Arthur Evans. Subsequent scholarly attention focused on the preceding Old Palace period and the apparent floruit of the New Palaces at the beginning of the Late Bronze Age. In consequence one of the critical transitions in Minoan culture has been virtually overlooked, giving rise to confused and ill-informed judgements concerning developments in Crete and further afield.

With numerous innovations in art, architecture and material culture — notably an entirely new palace at Galatas — the changes in Middle Minoan III are striking, and appear to herald a new political organisation of the island, centred on Knossos. The papers in this volume, presented at the first colloquium to be held in the Villa Ariadne at Knossos, now restore the period to its rightful position. The specialist contributions cover most key sites where Middle Minoan III occupation has been identified. The aim has been to rehabilitate Middle Minoan III as a dynamic period in Crete and also on Thera, in order to provide a better understanding of socio-political change across the island and beyond in the latter part of the Middle Bronze Age. 


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Preface [xxi]

Introduction (Colin F. Macdonald & Carl Knappett) [1-7]

Part I: Knossos and north-central Crete

1. Carl Knappett, Iro Mathioudaki & Colin F. Macdonald, ‘Stratigraphy and ceramic typology in the Middle Minoan III palace at Knossos’ [9-19]

2. Colin F. Macdonald, ‘Between Protopalatial houses and Neopalatial mansions: an ‘intermezzo’ southwest of the palace at Knossos’ [21-30]

3. Peter Warren, ‘Middle Minoan III pottery from the town of Knossos: the Vlachakis Plot’ [31-35]

4. Eleni Hatzaki, ‘The end of an intermezzo at Knossos: ceramic wares, deposits, and architecture in a social context’ [37-45]

5. Lucia Alberti, ‘Middle Minoan III burial customs at Knossos: a pianissimo intermezzo?’ [47-55]

6. Laura Preston, ‘The Middle Minoan III funerary landscape at Knossos’ [57-70]

7. Alexandra Karetsou, ‘The Middle Minoan III building at Alonaki, Juktas’ [71-91]

8. Giorgos Rethemiotakis & Kostis Christakis, ‘The Middle Minoan III period at Galatas: pottery and historical implications’ [93-105]

Part II: South-central Crete

9. Filippo Carinci and Vincenzo La Rosa, ‘A new Middle Minoan IIIA ceremonial building and the so-called ‘New Era’ at Phaistos’ [107-121]

10. Luca Girella, ‘Evidence for Middle Minoan III occupation at Ayia Triada’ [123-135]

11. Joseph Shaw, ‘Architectural signposts: datable ashlar style at Middle Minoan III Kommos in south-central Crete’ [137-143]

12. Philip P. Betancourt, ‘Transitional Middle Minoan III–Late Minoan IA pottery at Kommos revisited’ [146-148]

13. Luca Girella, ‘Exhuming an excavation: preliminary notes on the use of the Kamilari tholos tomb in Middle Minoan III’ [149-159]

Part III: East Crete

14. Veit Stürmer, ‘Early Middle Minoan III: stratigraphical evidence vs stylistic analysis’ [161-167]

15. Kostis Christakis, ‘The Syme Sanctuary at the transition from the Protopalatial to the Early Neopalatial Periods: the evidence of the pottery’ [169-177]

16. Gerald Cadogan, ‘Where has Middle Minoan III gone? A lack at Myrtos–Pyrgos — and elsewhere? What does it mean?’ [179-181]

17. Carl Knappett and Tim Cunningham, ‘Defining Middle Minoan IIIA and IIIB at Palaikastro’ [184-195]

18. Lefteris Platon & Eleni Gerontakou, ‘Middle Minoan III: a ‘gap’ or a ‘missing link’ in the history of the Minoan site of Zakros?’ [198-212]

Part IV: Wider perspectives

19. Irene Nikolakopoulou, ‘Middle Minoan III beyond Crete: the evidence from Thera’ [213-219]

20. J. Alexander MacGillivray, ‘Absolute Middle Minoan III — the bigger picture: early Neopalatial Crete’s relations with the ancient Orient in the mid-second millennium BC’ [221-224]

Index [225]
List of participants [227]


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