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22 February 2014

J.R.B. Stewart. An Archaeological Legacy

Edited by Bernard Knapp, Jennifer Webb & Andrew McCarthy

J.R.B. Stewart. An Archaeological Legacy

City: Uppsala

Year: 2013

Publisher: Åströms Förlag

Series: Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology 139

Description: Hardback, 239 p., numerous colour and b/w figures, maps, 30x21.5 cm


This volume presents the extensively revised papers from a conference held in honour of J.R.B. Stewart at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) in March 2013. It is arranged in two sections: in the first, authors discuss aspects of current research on chronology, community, ceramic production, copper, environmental thought and the emergence of the state in Cyprus, demonstrating how Stewart’s legacy has impacted the discipline, our interpretations of prehistory and our methodologies; the second contains a number of biographical pieces about Stewart, his colleagues and the role his widow, Eve, played in sustaining his work. Part archaeology, part historiography and part biography, the volume seeks to assess Stewart’s legacy within 20th century archaeological scholarship and in the context of our current understanding of Cyprus in the Bronze Age.


Table of contents [ν]
A. Bernard Knapp, Jennifer M. Webb & Andrew McCarthy, Editors’ preface [vii]
Robert S. Merrillees, Eleanor Stewart remembered [ix]
Eve Stewart on James Stewart [xiii]
Bibliography: Eleanor Stewart, Eve Stewart and James R.B. Stewart, compiled with the help of Robert Merrillees, Judy Powell and Kenneth Sheedy [xv]
List of contributors [xvii]


Sturt W. Manning, Cyprus at 2200 BC: rethinking the chronology of the Cypriot Early Bronze Age [1-21]

Maria Dikomitou-Eliadou, Interactive communities at the dawn of the Cypriot Bronze Age: an interdisciplinary approach to Philia phase ceramic variability [23-32]

Maria Mina, Exotica in Early and Middle Bronze Age Cyprus: exploring aspects of the secular and sacred economy [33-45]

Daisy Knox, Figurines and figurative vessels at Early Cypriot Bellapais Vounous [47-57]

Jennifer M. Webb, ‘The mantle of Vasilia’: have Stewart’s views on the centrality of the copper trade in prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus stood the test of time? [59-71]

Andrew McCarthy, Living with the legacy of death: recent results from the multi-period site of Prasteio Mesorotsos [73-80]

Giorgos Georgiou, 1955-2013: the necropolis of Nicosia Ayia Paraskevi almost 60 years after Stewart’s excavations [81-90]

Luca Bombardieri, The development and organsiation of labour strategies in prehistoric Cyprus: the evidence from Erimi Laonin tou Porakou [91-102]

Pavlos Flourentzos, Early and Middle Cypriot remains at Paramali, Limassol District [103-108]

A. Bernard Knapp, The emergence of the state on prehistoric Cyprus: J.R.B. Stewart and V. Gordon Childe [109-119]

Catherine Kearns, On a clear day the Taurus Mountains hang like a cloud’: on environmental thought in the archaeology of Cyprus [121-132]

Lisa Graham, The trouble with typologies: Stewart’s pottery classifications and regional styles [133-140]

Ellen Herscher, J.R. Stewart’s ceramic classification: lessons from 50 years of use [141-148]

Alison South, Moving into the world: a region of southern Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age [149-160]

Giorgos Papantoniou, The ‘Cypriot Goddess’ at the transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age: a ‘Cypro-centric’ approach [161-173]

Michal Artzy, Ragna Stidsing & Yossi Salmon, Market strategy—Cypriot Bichrome Wheel-made ware for export [175-183]


Robert S. Merrillees, Professor J.R. Stewart – archaeologist, numismatist and soldier of Cyprus [185-193]

Kristian Goransson, The field records of J.R. Stewart’s excavations at Vounous: archival material at the Medelhavsmuseet [195-199]

Christopher J. Davey, James Stewart and Walter Beasley: Australia, Cyprus and the Australian Institute of Archaeology [201-210]

Craig Barker, James Stewart as Nicholson Museum curator (1954-1962) [211-221]

Judy Powell, The J.R.B. and D.E. Stewart archive [223-228]

Stuart Swiny, The legacy of Eve and James Stewart at CAARI and in the taxonomy of Cypriot Bronze Age metal [229-239]


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