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BOOKS | 2014

5 February 2016

Kypriaka in Crete. From the Bronze Age to the end of the Archaic Period

Edited by Vassos Karageorghis, Athanasia Kanta, Nikolaos Chr. Stampolidis & †Yiannis Sakellarakis

City: Nicosia

Year: 2014

Publisher: The A.G. Leventis Foundation

Description: Hardback, 373 p., numerous figures, 28 cm


The main scope of this book is to demonstrate the extent of the Cypriote influence on Crete during the Iron Age, both with regard to the import of goods, especially pottery and also the degree of influence which Cypriote objects, again mainly pottery, exercised on Cretan artistic production. We also include Phoenician vases, because these may also have influenced the local pottery shapes and their decoration. We also register as many as possible Cypriote imports of the Bronze Age, though they are far fewer compared with those of the Iron Age, at a time when Cretan influence on Cyprus was much stronger.

By producing a kind of a catalogue raisonné both of imports and imitations we hope to facilitate the students who will in the future undertake more detailed studies. The benefits of having all the material assembled in one publication are obvious, especially with illustrations in colour, which demonstrate more eloquently and clearly the degree of influence of Cypriote pottery on Cretan pottery during the Iron Age. Furthermore, thanks to the generosity of excavators who agreed to collaborate in our project, a considerable quantity of new, mostly hitherto unpublished material, is now available, both imports and imitations.


Preface (V.K) [6]
Recent developments in ancient Cypriote-Cretan connections (A.K.) [7]
Acknowledgments (V.K. and A.K.) [8]
Map of Crete with sites mentioned in the volume [9]
Chronological Table [10]

General Introduction
a. Cretan imitations of Red Slip Bucchero Ware (V.K.) [11]
b. Cretan imitations of Black-on-Red Cypriote juglets (V.K.) [13]
c. Bird-shaped vases (A.K.) [14]

Adele (see Giamalakis Collection)
Adromyloi [16]
Amnissos [20]
Arkades [22]
Astrakoi [29]
Chamaizi [30]
Chania Kastelli [31]
Dreros [34]
Eleutherna [35]
Elounda [57]
Eltyna (Kounavoi) [58]
Gortys [63]
Gournia [64]
Gouves [67]
Hagia Triada [69]
Idaean Cave [70]
Inatos (Tsoutsouros) [92]
Karphi [94]
Kavousi [95]
Kavrochori [99]
Knossos cemeteries [102]
Fortetsa [105]
Knossos, tomb A [125]
Kephala Ridge [125]
Gypsades hill [129]
North Cemetery [130]
A new extension of the North Cemetery [167]
Khaniale Tekke [171]
Ambelokipoi Tekkes [173]
Atsalenio [199]
Mavro Spelio [203]
Knossos. City [204]
Knossos. Bougada Metochi [204]
Knossos. Stratigraphical Museum [205]
Knossos. Unexplored Mansion [207]
Knossos. Palace [208]
Kolyva Metochi [210]
Kommos [212]
Kourtes [242]
Krya [244]
Ligortynos [245]
Mallia [248]
Mochlos [248]
Palaikastro [253]
Pantanassa [255]
Patsos [257]
Phaistos [258]
Phaistos (Hagios Ioannis) [261]
Phoinikia [263]
Phonias (Aitania) [266]
Poros-Katsambas [267]
Praisos [270]
Prinias [273]
Pseira [275]
Psychro Cave [279]
Rotasi [280]
Syme [284]
Tourtouloi (Hagios Georgios) [287]
Vrokastro [290]
Zakros [293]
Ziros [296]

Giamalakis [298]
Metaxas [299]
Mitsotakis [302]
Unknown private collection in Switzerland [302]

Appendix I: Calliope Emm. Galanaki, Creto-Kypriaka-amalgamata with eastern influences. Cretan metal repoussée omphalos bowls [304]
Appendix II: Vasiliki Kassianidou, Oxhide ingots made of Cypriote copper found in Crete [307]
Appendix III: George Papasavvas, Bronze stands of Cypriote types from Crete: rod tripods and four-sided stands [312]
Appendix IV: Ingo Pini, Cypriote and Cypro-Aegean seals [325]

Abbreviations [331]
Bibliography [333]
Chronological Index [348]


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