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5 December 2011

LM IB Pottery. Relative Chronology and Regional Differences (2 vols)

Edited by Thomas M. Brogan & Erik Hallager

LM IB Pottery. Relative Chronology and Regional Differences (2 vols)

City: Athens

Year: 2011

Publisher: The Danish Institute at Athens

Series: Monographs of the Danish Institute at Athens, Vol. 11

Description: Hardback, 656 p., colour and b/w illustrations throughout, maps, drawings, 28x21 cm

Acts of a workshop held at the Danish Institute at Athens in collaboration with the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete, 27-29 June 2007

From the Preface

Once upon a time – in early 2005 – when the Minoan Seminar was still under the auspices of the Danish Institute at Athens, Tom Brogan mentioned that it might be a good idea to have a workshop on LM IB pottery focusing on the disagreement and unsolved problems connected with recent excavations in East Crete. We talked about it a couple of times without doing much, but then during the summer of 2006 we started to ask around and found that the time was ripe for such a workshop. We were particularly fortunate because the timing of the 10th Cretological Congress in Khania allowed us to discuss the matter with our colleagues who were not resident in Greece. After many positive reactions we started to plan. Because it had to be a low-budget workshop, we chose late June 2007 when most excavators with knowledge of LM IB pottery would be in Greece and accommodations in Athens would not be so difficult to arrange.

With the experience from the LM III pottery workshop held at the Danish Institute in 1994, we decided to invite excavators with unpublished, stratified LM IB deposits as speakers. Each speaker would also have a respondent who was an excavator with unpublished LM IB material so that they could use the experience and knowledge from their own excavations in preparing their responses. In the few cases where we could not find excavators with LM IB material as respondents, we invited scholars who were experienced in the topic. As with the LM III pottery workshop, there were no strict time limits for any of the presentations. For three days, from the 27th to the 29th of June 2007, 30 scholars presented their material and responded to questions from a wider audience in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, and there was plenty of discussion after each of the presentations.


Volume 1

List of contributors [8-9]

Erik Hallager & Thomas M. Brogan, Preface [11-12]

Bibliography [13-38]

Thomas M. Brogan, Introduction [39-53]

Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki, ‘LM IB pottery in Khania’ [55-74]

Eleni Hatzaki, ‘From LM IB Marine Style to LM II marine motifs. Stratigraphy, chronology and the social context of a ceramic transformation: a response to Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki’ [75-87]

Discussion [88-92]

Sebastian Traunmueller, ‘The LM I pottery from the ceramic workshop at Zominthos’ [93-107]

Nicola Cucuzza, ‘Response to Sebastian Traunmueller’ [109-113]

Discussion [114-116]

Iphigenia Tournavitou, ‘LM IB pottery from the colonies. Hagios Georgios sto Vouno, Kythera’ [117-140]

Gerald Cadogan, ‘Kythera, the Levant, Myrtos-Pyrgos and Knossos: a response to Iphigenia Tournavitou’ [141-150]

Discussion [151-152]

Sinclair Hood, ‘Knossos Royal Road: North, LM IB deposits’ [153-174]

Birgitta P. Hallager, ‘Response to Sinclair Hood’ [175-178]

Discussion [179-181]

Peter M. Warren, ‘Late Minoan IB pottery from Knossos: Stratigraphical Museum Excavations, the North Building’ [183-195]

Orazio Palio, ‘The final LM IB destructions at Knossos and at Phaistos: a response to Peter Warren’ [197-201]

Discussion [202-203]

Giorgos Rethemiotakis & Kostis S. Christakis, ‘LM I pottery groups from the Palace and the town of Galatas, Pediada’ [205-227]

Tim Cunningham, ‘Response to Giorgos Rethemiotakis & Kostis Christakis’ [229-234]

Discussion [235-239]

Kostis S. Christakis, ‘Pithoi and economy in LM IB state societies’ [241-253]

Irene Nikolakopoulou, ‘Remarks on storage and chronology in Late Cycladic I Akrotiri, Thera: a response to Kostis Christakis’ [255-262]

Discussion [263-266]

Dario Puglisi, ‘From the end of LM IA to the end of LM IB: the pottery evidence from Hagia Triada’ [267-289]

Eleni Mantzourani, ‘Makrygialos reloaded: the LM IB pottery: a response to Dario Puglisi’ [291-303]

Discussion [304-305]

Jeremy B. Rutter, ‘Late Minoan IB at Kommos: a sequence of at least three distinct stages’ [307-343]

Volume 2

Despina Chatzi-Vallianou, ‘LM IB pottery from the rural Villa of Pitsidia: a response to Jeremy Rutter’ [345-373]

Discussion [374-377]

Stella Mandalaki, ‘Pottery from the LM IB building at Skinias’ [379-391]

Carl Knappett, ‘Time, place and practice in the East Mesara: the case of Skinias. A response to Stella Mandalaki’ [393-396]

Discussion [397-400]

Philip P. Betancourt, ‘Pottery at Pseira in LM IB’ [401-412]

Penelope Mountjoy, ‘Response to Philip P. Betancourt’ [413-423]

Discussion [424-426]

Kellee A. Barnard & Thomas M. Brogan, ‘Pottery of the late Neopalatial periods at Mochlos’ [427-449]

Colin F. Macdonald, ‘LM IB phases at Mochlos and the single phase of LM IB at Knossos: a response to Kellee Barnard & Thomas Brogan’ [451-456]

Discussion [457-461]

Metaxia Tsipopoulou & Maria Emanuela Alberti, ‘LM IB Petras: the pottery from Room E in House II.1’ [463-498]

Eleni S. Banou, ‘An introduction to the LM IB pottery from Poros: a response to Metaxia Tsipopoulou and Emanuela Alberti’ [499-506]

Discussion [507-511]

Sean Hemingway, J. Alexander MacGillivray & L. Hugh Sackett, ‘The LM IB Renaissance at postdiluvian Pre-Mycenaean Palaikastro’ [513-530]

Aleydis Van de Moortel, ‘LM IB ceramic phases at Palaikastro and Malia: a response to Sean Hemingway, J. Alexander MacGillivray & L. Hugh Sackett’ [531-548]

Discussion [549-552]

Leonidas Vokotopoulos, ‘Between Palaikastro and Zakros: the pottery from the final Neopalatial horizon of the Sea Guard-House, Karoumes’ [553-572]

Thomas M. Brogan, Chrysa Sofianou & Jerolyn E. Morrison, ‘The LM IB pottery from Papadiokampos: a response to Leonidas Vokotopoulos’ [573-593]

Lefteris Platon, ‘Zakros: one or two destructions around the end of the LM IB period’ [595-612]

Athanasia Kanta, ‘A West Cretan response (Nerokourou) to Lefteris Platon and the LM IB pottery from Zakros’ [613-622]

Discussion [623-626]

Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier, ‘Closing comments’ [627-628]

General Discussion [629-646]

Thomas M. Brogan, Shape illustration index [647-649]

Index [650-656]


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