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BOOKS | 2009

24 February 2011

Marathon and the Archaeological Museum

George Steinhauer

Marathon and the Archaeological Museum

City: Athens

Year: 2009

Publisher: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

Series: Museums Cycle series

Description: Hardback, 335 p., b/w and colour ill., 35x27,5 cm


The book is the eleventh volume in the Museums Cycle series, which is published every year by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. It is devoted to the museum and the archaeological site of Marathon.


Foreword by the Minister of Culture and Tourism [11]

Foreword by Mrs Marianna Latsis [13]

Preface by the author [14]

Introduction [17]


Marathon a historic site over time [25]

The landscape [25]

Prehistory [30]

The Neolithic age [32]

The Early Helladic period [47]

The Middle Helladic and Mycenaean age [64]

Mythological Marathon [82]

The classical Tetrapolis [82]


The historic moment [87]

The landing [92]

The reaction of the Athenians [96]

Awaiting the battle [100]

The clash [102]

The Marathon runner [113]

The day after [117]

The monuments of victory [146]


The glory of Marathon [155]

The real and symbolic significance of the battle [155]

The mythical dimension of the battle [156]

The political background of the victory [161]

The ideal of the Marathon fighter and the new view of man [166]

The significance of the battle in the modern world [167]


The Marathon of the historical period at the Museum [169]

Roman Marathon or the last Marathonian [273]

Bibliography [325]


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