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1 April 2018

Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future. The Potential of Digital Archaeology

Edited by Eric Walcek Averett, Jody Michael Gordon & Derek B. Counts

Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future. The Potential of Digital Archaeology

City: North Dakota

Year: 2016

Publisher: Digital Press at The University of North Dakota

Description: Paperback, 556 p., numerous colour figures, 15.2×22.8 cm


Mobilizing the Past is a collection of 20 articles that explore the use and impact of mobile digital technology in archaeological field practice. The detailed case studies present in this volume range from drones in the Andes to iPads at Pompeii, digital workflows in the American Southwest, and examples of how bespoke, DIY, and commercial software provide solutions and craft novel challenges for field archaeologists. The range of projects and contexts ensures that Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future is far more than a state-of-the-field manual or technical handbook. Instead, the contributors embrace the growing spirit of critique present in digital archaeology. This critical edge, backed by real projects, systems, and experiences, gives the book lasting value as both a glimpse into present practices as well as the anxieties and enthusiasm associated with the most recent generation of mobile digital tools.

All the chapters/articles of the book are available online:


Preface & Acknowledgements [v]
How to Use This Book [xi]
Abbreviations [xiii]

Introduction. Mobile Computing in Archaeology: Exploring and Interpreting Current Practices [1-30]
Jody Michael Gordon, Erin Walcek Averett, & Derek B. Counts

1.1. Why Paperless: Technology and Changes in Archaeological Practice, 1996–2016 [33-50]
John Wallrodt

1.2. Are We Ready for New (Digital) Ways to Record Archaeological Fieldwork? A Case Study from Pompeii [51-75]
Steven J. R. Ellis

1.3. Sangro Valley and the Five (Paperless) Seasons: Lessons on Building Effective Digital Recording Workflows for Archaeological Fieldwork [77-109]
Christopher F. Motz

1.4. DIY Digital Workflows on the Athienou Archaeological Project, Cyprus [111-141]
Jody Michael Gordon, Erin Walcek Averett, Derek B. Counts, Kyosung Koo & Michael K. Toumazou

1.5. Enhancing Archaeological Data Collection and Student Learning with a Mobile Relational Database [143-182]
Rebecca Bria & Kathryn E. DeTore

1.6. Digital Archaeology in the Rural Andes: Problems and Prospects [183-199]
Matthew Sayre

1.7. Digital Pompeii: Dissolving the Fieldwork-Library Research Divide [201-218]
Eric E. Poehler

2.1. Reflections on Custom Mobile App Development for Archaeological Data Collection [221-236]
Samuel B. Fee

2.2. The Things We Can Do with Pictures: Image-Based Modeling and Archaeology [237-249]
Brandon R. Olson

2.3 Beyond the Basemap: Multiscalar Survey through Aerial Photogrammetry in the Andes [251-278]
Steven A. Wernke, Gabriela Oré, Carla Hernández, Aurelio Rodríguez, Abel Traslaviña & Giancarlo Marcone

2.4. An ASV (Autonomous Surface Vehicle) for Archaeology: The Pladypos at Caesarea Maritima, Israel [279-315]
Bridget Buxton, Jacob Sharvit, Dror Planer, Nikola Mišković & John Hale

3.1. Cástulo in the 21st Century: A Test Site for a New Digital Information System [319-335]
Marcelo Castro López, Francisco Arias de Haro, Libertad Serrano Lara, Ana L. Martínez Carrillo, Manuel Serrano Araque, and Justin St. P. Walsh

3.2. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Cooperative Deployment of a Generalized, Archaeology-Specific Field Data Collection System [337-371]
Adela Sobotkova, Shawn A. Ross, Brian Ballsun-Stanton, Andrew Fairbairn, Jessica Thompson & Parker VanValkenburgh

3.3. CSS for Success? Some Thoughts on Adapting the Browser-Based Archaeological Recording Kit (ARK) for Mobile Recording [373-397]
J. Andrew Dufton

3.4. The Development of the PaleoWay Digital Workflows in the Context of Archaeological Consulting [399-418]
Matthew Spigelman, Ted Roberts & Shawn Fehrenbach

4.1. Slow Archaeology: Technology, Efficiency, and Archaeological Work [421-441]
William Caraher

4.2. Click Here to Save the Past [443-472]
Eric C. Kansa

5.1. Response: Living a Semi-digital Kinda Life [475-492]
Morag M. Kersel

5.2. Response: Mobilizing (Ourselves) for a Critical Digital Archaeology [493-520]
Adam Rabinowitz

Author biographies [521]


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