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12 March 2012

Mochlos IIC: Period IV. The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery. The Human Remains and Other Finds.

edited by Jeffrey S. Soles and Costis Davaras

Mochlos IIC: Period IV. The Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery. The Human Remains and Other Finds.

City: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Year: 2011

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 32

Description: Hardback, 320 p., 82 illustrations, 60 b/w figures, 35 b/w plates,28,5x22 cm


Excavations carried out at the Late Minoan III settlement and cemetery at Mochlos in eastern Crete yielded domestic artifacts, human remains, grave goods, and ecofactual material from 31 tombs and 11 houses. These objects are cataloged, discussed, and illustrated. Radiocarbon dates for the site are also presented. The cemetery remains mirror the settlement remains, and the conclusions discuss how the two sites reflect each other. Rarely in Crete are a settlement and its cemetery both preserved, and it is extremely fortunate to be able to document both in a series of scientific excavation reports (Mochlos IIA–IIC).


List of tables [vii]
List of illustrations in the text [ix]
List of figures [xi]
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Acknowledgements [xix]
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Jeffrey S. Soles, ‘Introduction’ [xxv-xxvi]

  1. Sevi Triantaphyllou, ‘The Human Remains’ [1-19]
  2. Jeffrey S. Soles, George Rethemiotakis & Ann M. Nicgorski, ‘Burial Containers: Sarcophagi, Pithoi, and Jars’ [21-34]
  3. Jeffrey S. Soles, Ann M. Nicgorski & Katerina Kopaka, with contributions by Tristan Carter, Alessandra Giumlia-Mair & David S. Reese & Mary Ellen Soles, ‘Jewelry and Other Small Finds’ [35-66]
  4. Tristan Carter, ‘The Stone Implements’ [67-123]
  5. David S. Reese, Dimitra Mylona, Joanna Bending & Maria Ntinou, ‘Fauna and Flora’ [125-148]
  6. Thomas M. Brogan & R. Angus K. Smith, ‘The Mochlos Region in the LM III Period’ [149-161]


Jeffrey S. Soles, ‘Appendix A. Radiocarbon dates’ [163-165]
Alessandra Giumlia-Mair, ‘Appendix B. Necklace No. 1: Evidence for Egyptian influence in Mycenaean jewelry production’ [167-171]
Tristan Carter, ‘Appendix C. The stone vases’ [173-178]
Polly Westlake, ‘Appendix D. The painted plaster from House A’ [179-185]
Kelly Caldwell & Sarah L. Smith, ‘Appendix E. Pumice counts from LM III contexts’ [187-189]

References [191]
Concordance A [209]
Concordance B [227]
Index [239]


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