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1 September 2018

Paros – Antiparos – Despotiko. From Prehistoric to Contemporary Times

Yannos Kourayos

Paros – Antiparos – Despotiko. From Prehistoric to Contemporary Times

City: Paros

Year: 2015

Publisher: Paros Municipality-Tourism and Development Committee

Description: Paperback, 120 p., numerous colour figures, 24×28 cm


The edition “Paros Antiparos Despotiko” is a useful and handy guide to Paros. With the guide in their hands, visitors to the island and residents alike will have the opportunity to tour around beautiful Paros, be informed about monuments and sights, trace the footsteps of ancient Parians and sense this exceptional aura emerging from the island’s long course of history. The so-called glorious city of the Parians, a real grand lady of the Cyclades, enchants visitors and invites them to discover its amazing treasures.


Geography-Environment [11]

Paros over the centuries [15-23]

Archaeological sites and monuments [25-42]

Archaeological sites in greater Paroikia [43-54]

Other archaeological sites on the island [55-63]

The castles of Paros [65]

Traditional and modern architecture [67-73]

Churches-monasteries [75-82]

Antiparos [83-87]

Despotiko [89-94]

Archaeological Museum [95-110]

Other museums on the island [111-113]

Routes A [117]

Routes B [119]

Selected bibliography [120]


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