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BOOKS | 2013

21 August 2013

Perspectives on ancient Greece. Papers in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Swedish Institute at Athens

Edited by Ann-Louise Schallin

Perspectives on ancient Greece. Papers in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Swedish Institute at Athens

City: Stockholm

Year: 2013

Publisher: Swedish Institute at Athens

Series: ActaAth-8° no. 22

Description: Paperback, 254 p., many colour and b/w figures, tables, 24x16,5 cm


This volume presents current research related to Greek prehistory and Classical Archaeology and thus serves as a crosssection of the research strategies, which the Swedish Institute at Athens promotes. The topics relate to research, which span from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic times. The reason for putting this publication together is twofold: one aim is to publish the papers, which were put forward by a select number of Swedish scholars who were invited to give lectures at the Swedish Institute at Athens during the celebrations commemorating the Institute’s 60th anniversary on 10 May 2008. The second aim is to honour professor emeritus Robin Hägg, who was the director at the Swedish Institute at Athens from 1976 to 1994. This book thus consists of articles based on the lectures, which were held at the Swedish Institute celebrations on May 10 2008 and also of a number of articles by scholars who wished to celebrate Robin Hägg and who thus joined the venture.


Acknowledgements [7]

Ann-Louise Schallin, ‘Introduction’ [9-18]

Mats Johnson, ‘The “Best Match Principle”. Humans making the most of every environment’ [19-27]

Erika Weiberg, ‘An Early Helladic burial—connecting the living and the dead’ [29-47]

Birgitta P. Hallager & Erik Hallager, ‘A cylinder-shaped stand from Khania’ [49-59]

Carole Gillis, ‘Colorful Asine’ [61-88]

Lena Sjögren, ‘The enduring Minoan legacy. Coming to terms with Minoan culture after the Bronze Age’ [89-101]

Gullög Nordquist, ‘Each in its right place The placing of the votives at the early temples at Tegea’ [103-112]

Gunnel Ekroth, ‘Forelegs in Greek cult’ [113-134]

Lena Larsson Loven, ‘Textile production, female work and social values in Athenian vase painting’ [135-151]

Susanne Berndt-Ersöz, ‘Kybebe on fire! The significance of the Goddess in the Ionian Revolt’ [153-171]

Lars Karlsson, ‘The sanctuary of the Weather God of Heaven at Karian Labraunda. ‘A Bronze Age cult expose for Robin Hägg’ [173-189]

Kerstin Höghammar, ‘An ending in war. The Koan late third century B.C. Herakles silver’ [191-230]

Adam Lindhagen, ‘The freedmen milieus at Delos and Narona. New perspectives on the Lamboglia 2 wine trade’ [231-250]


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