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BOOKS | 2015

1 March 2018

Prehistoric Aegean and Near Eastern Metal Types

Søren Dietz, Thanasis J. Papadopoulos & Litsa Kontorli-Papadopoulou

Prehistoric Aegean and Near Eastern Metal Types

City: Copenhagen

Year: 2015

Publisher: The National Museum of Denmark

Description: Hardback, 52 p., 2 colour figures, 22 b/w tables, 21.5×30.3 cm


The present publication attempts to make the collection of Prehistoric Aegean and Near Eastern bronzes in the National Museum of Denmark known to scholars in the field. The late Professor Christian Blinkenberg actually planned a full publication of the Prehistoric Aegean and Italian bronzes, but the manuscript was unfinished at his death in 1948. The steel engravings (frontpage) now kept in the National Museum in Copenhagen were produced for this project. The catalogue contains all Aegean metals kept in the Department of Ancient Cultures of Denmark and the Mediterranean. In the section on the Near Eastern metals, bronzes from Hama, however, are not included. Except for that, all metal objects from the Near East dated before 1000 BC are found in the catalogue.



Introduction [3-4]

Abbreviations [5]

Bibliography [5-17]

Catalogue [18-52]



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