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BOOKS | 2017

1 January 2020

Restoring the Minoans. Elizabeth Price and Sir Arthur Evans

Edited by Jennifer Y. Chi

Restoring the Minoans. Elizabeth Price and Sir Arthur Evans

City: Princeton & Oxford

Year: 2017

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Description: Paperback, 132 p., numerous colour figures, 23,5 x 18.8 cm


How do archaeologists and artists reimagine what life was like during the Greek Bronze Age? How do contemporary conditions influence the way we understand the ancient past? This innovative book considers two imaginative restorations of the ancient world that test the boundaries of interpretation and invention by bringing together the discovery of Minoan culture by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans (1851–1941) and the work of the Turner Prize–winning video artist Elizabeth Price (b. 1966).

Featured essays examine Evans’s interpretation and restoration of the Knossos palace and present fresh photography of Minoan artifacts and archival photographs of the dig alongside beautiful, previously unpublished watercolors and drawings by the archaeological illustrators and restorers who worked on the site: Émile Gilliéron père(1850–1924), Émile Gilliéron fils (1885–1939), Piet de Jong (1887–1967), and others. An interview with Price explores how her attraction to the Sir Arthur Evans Archive became the basis for her commissioned video installation at the University of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and offers insight into her creative practice. 


Letter from ISAW [8-9]
Alexander Jones

Letter from the Ashmolean Museum [10-11]
Alexander Sturgis

Acknowledgments [12-13]
Jennifer Y. Chi

Acknowledgments [14]
Elizabeth Price

Map of the region [15]

Introduction [17-33]
Rachel Herschman

An Interview with Elizabeth Price [34-57]
Jennifer Y. Chi

“Reconstituting” the Minoans [59-91]
Kenneth Lapatin

Additional Illustrations [92-119]

Exhibition Checklist [120-129]

Photography and Drawing Credits [131-132]


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