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1 April 2018

Tegea I. Investigations in the Temple of Athena Alea 1991-94

Edited by Erik Østby

Tegea I. Investigations in the Temple of Athena Alea 1991-94

City: Athens

Year: 2014

Publisher: Norwegian Institute at Athens

Series: Papers and Monographs from the Norwegian Institute at Athens, volume 3

Description: Hardback, 626 p., numerous b/w figures, 21.5×30.4 cm


While the preparation of this publication has been going on, Norwegian fieldwork in the area of Tegea has developed in other directions, slowly making the place a cornerstone for Norwegian archaeological activity in Greece. Knut Ødegård and his collaborators have held a key position here, but their survey work and other projects have focused on an analysis of the landscape surrounding Tegea and on the urban centre, not on the sanctuary. We expect, however, that the results from our first excavation project in the sanctuary of Athena Alea, as they are presented here, will encourage work to be continued also there. In such a continuation also the Norwegian institute and Norwegian archaeologists want to participate. In short, we hope that our efforts at the site from 1989 to 1996 will turn out to be precisely what the title of this text suggests: an introduction.

All the chapters/articles of the book are available online:


The Norwegian excavation project in the sanctuary of Athena Alea at Tegea: An introduction [1-11]
Erik Østby


i. The sanctuary of Alea at Tegea in the pre-Classical period [11-56]
Erik Østby

ii. Results of the fieldwork in the temple sector [57-195]
Gullög C. Nordquist


iii. Pottery from the temple excavation [197-392]
Mary E. Voyatzis

iv. Neolithic and Early Helladic pottery from the temple excavation [393-399]
Jeannette Forsén

v. Miniature ceramics from the sanctuary [401-457]
Leslie Hammond

vi. C-PC 72: Sherds from a Middle Protocorinthian pictorial aryballos [459-465]
Erik Østby

vii. Objects from the temple excavation [467-538]
Mary E. Voyatzis

viii. Two fragments of house models from the sanctuary of Athena Alea [539-546]
Gullög C. Nordquist

ix. Étude archéozoologique des vestiges osseux de la fouille dans le temple [547-562]
Emmanuelle Vila


x. Magnetometric survey in the temple of Athena Alea at Tegea – a report [563-567]
Tatyana N. Smekalova

xi. Report on the chemical field methods applied during the 1994 excavation season [569-570]
Peo Ekström

xii. Ceramic analysis of Laconian Protogeometric pottery from Tegea and Amyclae [571-587]
Thomas R. Fenn, Matthew J. Ponting & Mary E. Voyatzis

xiii. Metals and slagged residues from Tegea: An analysis and metallurgical notes [589-595]
Yannis Bassiakos


App. 1: Pottery by find contexts [597-609]
Gullög C. Nordquist & Erik Østby

App. 2: Concordance with Tex numbers [611-614]
Erik Østby

App. 3: Small finds and their find-spots [615-626]
Gullög C. Nordquist


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