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2 March 2014

The Archaeology of Cyprus From Earliest Prehistory through the Bronze Age

A. Bernard Knapp

The Archaeology of Cyprus From Earliest Prehistory through the Bronze Age

City: Cambridge/New York

Year: 2013

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Description: Paperback, 660 p., 134 b/w illustrations, 5 maps, 3 tables, 25.4x17.8 cm


Situated between the worlds of the Near East, Europe and Africa, the archaeology and culture of Cyprus are central to an understanding of the ancient Mediterranean world. This book treats the archaeology of Cyprus from the first-known human presence during the Late Epipalaeolithic (ca. 11,000 BC) through the end of the Bronze Age (ca. 1000 BC). A. Bernard Knapp examines the archaeological and documentary records of prehistoric Cyprus within their regional context, paying special attention to the Levant and the Aegean. The appendix (compiled by Sturt W. Manning) analyses all published radiocarbon dates from the island, providing for the first time a comprehensive chronological framework for all of Cypriot prehistory. Focusing on key themes such as identity, insularity and connectivity, and society, community and polity throughout, this book provides a remarkably up-to-date and integrated synthesis of human activity on the Mediterranean’s third-largest island.


List of Illustrations and Tables [xii]
Preface and Acknowledgements [xvii]

1. Introduction [1]

Environment, Landscape and Climate [3]

2. Chronology, Current Research and Interpretative Context [20]

Background [20]
The Chronological Framework [25]
The Archaeology of Cyprus in Context [28]
An Interpretative Framework [33]

3. Early Prehistoric Cyprus 1: Palaeolithic–Early Aceramic Neolithic [43]

The Contested Palaeolithic [43]
Late Epipalaeolithic: The Earliest Visitors [48]
Early Aceramic Neolithic: First Settlers [74]

4. Early Prehistoric Cyprus 2: Late Aceramic Neolithic and Ceramic Neolithic [120]

Late Aceramic Neolithic–Khirokitia Culture (ca. 7000/6800–5500/5300 Cal BC) [120]
The Ceramic Neolithic [158]

5. Later Prehistoric Cyprus: Chalcolithic–Late Chalcolithic [195]

Early–Middle Chalcolithic [195]
Late Chalcolithic [245]

6. Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus [263]

Spatial organisation, Settlement and Subsistence [277]
Metallurgical and Agricultural Production [298]
External Contacts and Influences [307]
Mortuary Practices [311]
Other Material and Social Practices [322]
Overview: Prehistoric Bronze Age [344]

7. Protohistoric Bronze Age Cyprus [348]

Spatial organisation and Settlement [349]
Material and Social Practices [381]
Production, Trade and the ‘Exotic’ [397]
Sociopolitical  organization [432]
The End of the Bronze Age: Complexity and Collapse [447]
Overview: Protohistoric Bronze Age [470]

8. Conclusions: Insularity, Connectivity and Identity on  Prehistoric and Protohistoric Cyprus [477]

Final Thoughts on Insularity, Connectivity and Social Identity [483]

Appendix: Sturt W. Manning, A New Radiocarbon Chronology for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Cyprus, ca. 11,000–1050 Cal BC [485]

References [535]
Index [611]


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