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16 April 2020

The Late Minoan III Necropolis of Armenoi. Volume I. Introduction and Background

Edited by Yannis Tzedakis, Holley Martlew & Robert Arnott

The Late Minoan III Necropolis of Armenoi. Volume I. Introduction and Background

City: Philadelphia

Year: 2018

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 60

Description: Hardback, 265 p., numerous b/w tables, numerous b/w and color figures, 22.3 x 28.7 cm


This is the first volume on the Late Minoan III necropolis of Armenoi in western Crete. It sets the scene, introduces the site and its topography, and offers the results of site surveys and their finds. A chapter on the Linear B discovery from the necropolis is also included. The necropolis is the most important and extensive, and the only intact, cemetery that dates to Late Bronze Age III on Crete. This publication will augment our knowledge of Minoan burial practices, craft production, and religion. It will elucidate Minoans as a people: what they ate and drank, how they lived their lives, what diseases caused them suffering, and how they died.


List of Tables [vii-viii]
List of Figures [ix-xv]
Chronology [xvii-xviii]
Acknowledgements [xix-xxi]
List of Abbreviations [xxiii-xxiv]

Introduction to the Series [xxv-xxvi]
Yannis Tzedakis & Holley Martlew

1. Background and History of Excavation [1-17]
Yannis Tzedakis & Vicky Kolvaki

2. Topographical Setting [19-22]
Andrew P. Giże

3. Site Investigations of the Necropolis and Its Environs: The Search for the Town [23-51]
Eileen Chappell & Steve Allender

4. Geophysical Survey 2010: Necropolis and Town [53-65]
Peter Masters

5. Minoan Diagnostic Pottery from Field and Geophysical Surveys: 1992, 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2007 [67-110]
Holley Martlew, Andrew P. Giże & Vicky Kolivaki

6. Roman and Early Byzantine Diagnostic Pottery from Field Surveys: 2001, 2002, and 2007 [111-211]
Alexandra Ariotti

7. Geological Setting [213-229]
Andrew Giże

8. Proposed Method of Tomb Construction [231-239]
Andrew Giże

9. Ano Valsamonero Iron Deposit: A Potential Metal Resource for the Late Minoan III Community [241-248]
Chloe Sherwood-Dickinson, Giles Droop & Andrew P. Giże

10. Armenoi, Western Crete, and the Linear B Tablets from Knossos [249-255]
Louis Godart

Index [257-265]


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