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1 January 2019

The Marble Finds from Kavos and the Archaeology of Ritual

Edited by Colin Renfrew, Olga Philaniotou, Neil Brodie, Gior-gos Gavalas & Michael J. Boyd

The Marble Finds from Kavos and the Archaeology of Ritual

City: Cambridge

Year: 2018

Publisher: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Description: Hardback, 600 p., numerous b/w tables and figures, 15 colour plates cm


The status of Kavos on Keros as the earliest maritime sanctuary in the world is documented by the present volume, which includes (in Part A) the full publication of the marble finds from the Special Deposit South at Keros. These constitute the largest assemblage of Early Cycladic sculptures and vessels ever recovered in a controlled excavation, although they were all found in fragmentary condition. They add significantly to the already substantial corpus of finds from well-documented contexts in the Cycladic islands. They open new possibilities for the study of the production and the use of the rich repertoire of Cycladic artefacts of marble and thus to the understanding of ritual practice in Early Cycladic societies. The marble sculptures from the looted Special Deposit North at Kavos that have been recovered in systematic excavations will be discussed in Volume VII.

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Contributors [vii]

Figures and Plates [viii-xvi]

Tables [xvi-xix]

Abbreviations [xx]

Preface [xxi]
Colin Renfrew & Michael J. Boyd

Acknowledgements [xxii]

 Part A. The Marble Finds from the Special Deposit South

Chapter 1 The Sculptures from the Special Deposit South: Introduction [3-17]
Colin Renfrew

Chapter 2 The Sculptures from the Special Deposit South: The Finds [19-41]
Colin Renfrew

Chapter 3 Catalogue of Sculptures from the Special Deposit South [43-254]
Colin Renfrew & Michael J. Boyd

Appendix: Concordance of Special Find, Naxos Museum and Figure Numbers [255-258]
Daphne Lalayiannis & Michael J. Boyd

Chapter 4 The Stone Vessels [259-341]
Giorgos Gavalas

Appendix: Quantitative Analyses of the Marble Bowl Fragments [342-353]
Neil Brodie

Chapter 5 The Provenance of the Marble Artefacts [355-431]
Dimitris Tambakopoulos & Yannis Maniatis

Part B. Dhaskalio and Kavos in Perspective

Chapter 6 The Pottery from Dhaskalio, the Special Deposit South and the Special Deposit North Compared [435-443]
Peggy Sotirakopoulou

Chapter 7 The Fabric Study of the Pottery of Dhaskalio and Kavos [445-493]
Jill Hilditch

Appendix: Neutron Activation Analysis of Early Cycladic Ceramics from Kavos and Dhaskalio [494-500]
Anno Hein & Vassilis Kilikoglou

Chapter 8 Metal production, working and consumption across the sites at Dhaskalio and Kavos [501-532]
Myrto Georgakopoulou

Chapter 9 The Material Worlds of Dhaskalio and Kavos [533-545]
Michael J. Boyd & Colin Renfrew

Chapter 10 The Conclusion of the 2006–2008 Project [547-558]
Colin Renfrew

Greek summary [559-566]

References [567-575]

Index [577-581]

Colour plates [583-600]


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