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1 March 2019

The Mycenaean Cemetery at Achaia Clauss near Patras. People, material remains and culture in context

Constantinos Paschalidis

The Mycenaean Cemetery at Achaia Clauss near Patras. People, material remains and culture in context

City: Oxford

Year: 2018

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing Ltd

Description: Paperback, 510 p., 11 b/w tables, 918 b/w and colour figures, 29 x 20.5 cm


The Mycenaean Cemetery at Achaia Clauss near Patras: People, material remains and culture in context’ comprises the study of the finds from the excavation of the Mycenaean cemetery of Clauss near Patras, carried out by the University of Ioannina and the Archaeological Society at Athens from 1988 to 1992, under the direction of Professor Thanassis Papadopoulos. In the course of the excavation project, fifteen chambered tombs were located and researched in detail, to be added to those already known from the pre-war excavations by Nikolaos Kyparissis. The presentation of the topic expands into seven thematic chapters: from a general review of the cemetery space and the sites, to analytical description of the excavation, remarks on the architecture, study of the finds, analysis of the burial customs and finally, narration of the overall history of the cemetery according to chronological period and generation of its occupants. The eighth and last chapter is an addendum including a brief presentation of the anthropological analysis of the skeletal material by Photini J. P. McGeorge and Wieslaw Wieckowski. The Mycenaean cemetery at Achaia Clauss near Patras presents fragments of the life and death of some members of a local community that existed for almost four centuries at the western end of the Mycenaean world.


List of figures [v-xix]

Prologue [xx]

Preface-Acknowledgements [xxi-xxii]

Introduction-Methodology of research [xxiii]

1. Mycenaean period in Achaea [1-15]

2. Descriptions of tombs [16-123]

3. The setting and the architecture of tombs [124-128]

4. Catalogue of the finds from the cemetery [129-331]

5. The finds of the cemetery. Analysis [332-446]

6. Funerary customs in the cemetery [447-469

7. The people and society of Clauss. Overview and history of the cemetery [470-476]

8. Bioarchaeological approach to the human remains from Clauss [477-484]

Appendix. Tables of data [485-492]

Bibliography [494-510]


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