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1 March 2019

The Mycenaean Cemetery at Agios Vasileios, Chalandritsa, in Achaea

Konstantina Aktypi

The Mycenaean Cemetery at Agios Vasileios, Chalandritsa, in Achaea

City: Oxford

Year: 2017

Publisher: Archaeopress Publishing LTD

Description: Paperback, 296 p., 8 b/w tables, 287 b/w and colour figures, 29 x 21 cm


The Mycenaean chamber-tomb cemetery at Agios Vasileios, near Chalandritsa in Achaea, was first investigated by Nikolaos Kyparissis in the late 1920s, followed by small-scale research in 1961 by Efthimios Mastrokostas. In the years 1989-2001 more rescue excavations were conducted by the Greek Archaeological Service, revealing 30 chamber tombs, some looted. Based mostly on the latest research, this study is the first major presentation of the cemetery and its finds. The topographical data are presented in chapter A, including the most important ancient sites in the region. Chapters B to E deal with the 45 chamber tombs and with the assemblage of the 260 artefacts found in them. The chipped stone assemblage and the ground stone implements are presented in chapter F by Vivian Staikou. Chapter G, by Olivia A. Jones, deals with the human skeletal remains, focussing on burial customs and practices. Chapters H and I handle the discussion and the concluding remarks, respectively. A series of 3D representations and photorealistic illustrations are presented, based on the original plans and architectural drawings of the tombs, to produce a visual appreciation of the important cemetery, unfortunately no longer visible.


List of figures [iii-viii]

List of tables [viii]

List of maps [viii]

General abbreviations [ix]

Preface-Acknowledgement [x-xii]

Chapter A.1. The Topography of the Chalandritsa – Katarraktis Region [1-6]

Chapter A.2. Remarks Regarding the Topography of the Chalandritsa – Katarraktis Region [7-8]

Chapter A.3. Remarks Regarding the Mycenaean Sites of Western and Eastern Achaea [9-10]

Chapter A.4. The Mycenaean Settlement at Stavros and the Cemetery at Agios Vasileios, Chalandritsa [11-17]

Chapter A.5. Chalandritsa in Medieval and Modern Times [18]

Chapter B. Catalogue of Tombs and Finds [19-26]

Chapter C. The 1989 Excavation [27-103]

Chapter D.1. The 1991 Excavation [104-116]

Chapter D.2. The 1993 Excavation [117-120]

Chapter D.3. The 1994 Excavation [121]

Chapter D.4. The 1995 Excavation [122-132]

Chapter D.5. The 1999-2000 Excavation [133]

Chapter E. The 2001 Excavation [134-177]

Chapter F. The Small Finds of Stone and Shell [178-188]
Vivian Staikou

Chapter G. A Bioarchaeological Approach to the Human Remains and Burial Practices [189-209]
Olivia A. Jones

Chapter H. Discussion on Pottery and Finds [210-276]

Chapter I. Discussion on the Topography and the Tombs of the Cemetery [277-283]

Epilogue [284-285]

Bibliography [286-296]


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