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18 November 2013

The Neolithic Settlement of Knossos in Crete: New Evidence for the Early Occupation of Crete and the Aegean Islands

edited by Nikos Efstratiou, Alexandra Karetsou & Maria Ntinou

The Neolithic Settlement of Knossos in Crete: New Evidence for the Early Occupation of Crete and the Aegean Islands

City: Philadelphia

Year: 2013

Publisher: INSTAP Academic Press

Series: Prehistory Monographs 42

Description: Hardback, xxiii & 218 p., 44 tables in text, 82 figures in text, 28,5x22 cm


The site of Knossos on the Kephala hill in central Crete is of great archaeological and historical importance for both Greece and Europe. Dating to 7000 B.C., it is the home of one of the earliest farming societies in southeastern Europe, and, in the later Bronze Age periods, it developed into a remarkable center of economic and social organization within the island, enjoying extensive relations with the Aegean, the Greek mainland, the Near East, and Egypt. After the systematic excavation of the deep Neolithic occupation levels by J.D. Evans in the late 1950s and later and more limited investigations of the Prepalatial deposits undertaken primarily during restoration work, no thorough exploration of the earliest occupation of the mound had been attempted. This monograph fills the gap, detailing the recent studies of the stratigraphy, architecture, ceramics, sedimentology, economy, and ecology that were a result of the opening of a new excavation trench in 1997. Together, these studies by 13 different contributors to the volume re-evaluate the importance of Neolithic Knossos and place it within the wider geographic context of the early island prehistory of the eastern Mediterranean.


List of Tables in the text [ix]
List of Figures in the text [xiii]
Preface (Alexandra Karetsou) [xix]
Acknowledgments [xxiii]
Introduction (Nikos Efstratiou) [xxv]

1. Nikos Efstratiou, Alexandra Karetsou & Eleni Banou, ‘The Excavation’ [1-24]

2. Nikos Efstratiou, ‘The Stratigraphy and Cultural Phases’ [25-46]

3. Sarantis Dimitriadis, ‘Fabric Diversity in the Neolithic Ceramics of Knossos’ [47-51]

4. Maria-Pilar Fumanal García†, ‘Neolithic Sedimentology at Knossos’ [53-61]

5. Anaya Sarpaki, ‘The Economy of Neolithic Knossos: The Archaeobotanical Data’ [63-94]

6. Ernestina Badal & Maria Ntinou, ‘Wood Charcoal Analysis: The Local Vegetation’ [95-118]

7. Marco Madella, ‘Plant Economy and the Use of Space: Evidence from the Opal Phytoliths’ [119-132]

8. Manuel Pérez Ripoll, ‘The Knossos Fauna and the Beginning of the Neolithic in the Mediterranean Islands’ [133-169]

9. Liora Kolska Horwitz, ‘The Earliest Settlement on Crete: An Archaeozoological Perspective’ [171-192]

10. Yorgos Facorellis and Yiannis Maniatis, ‘Radiocarbon Dates from the Neolithic Settlement of Knossos: An Overview’ [193-200]

11. Nikos Efstratiou, ‘Knossos and the Beginning of the Neolithic in Greece and the Aegean Islands’ [201-215]

Index [215]


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