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14 June 2013

The Settlement and Architecture of Lerna IV

Elizabeth C. Banks

The Settlement and Architecture of Lerna IV

City: Princeton

Year: 2013

Publisher: American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Series: Lerna VI

Description: Hardback, 484 p., 117 figures, 47 plans, 6 sections, 19 tables, 30.5x22.8 cm


In 1995 Jeremy B. Rutter presented the pottery of the Fourth Settlement at Lerna in Lerna III: The Pottery of Lerna IV. The present volume is the companion to the Rutter volume, outlining the architectural sequence of the EH III period at the site withdescriptions of the major building types and other features, such as hearths, ovens, and bothroi. Careful examination of the individual buildings and their contents constitutes the core of the text. The changing settlement patterns of the site through time are considered, and sources of influences are suggested.


List of Illustrations [xi]
List of Tables [xv]
Abbreviations [xvii]

Chapter 1: Introduction and Organization [1]

Chapter 2: Architectural Overview [7]

Chapter 3: The House of the Tiles Tumulus [23]

Chapter 4: The Settlements in the Main Area: Lerna IV.1 [33]

Chapter 5: The Settlements in the Main Area: Lerna IV.2 [111]

Chapter 6: The Settlements in the Main Area: Lerna IV.3 [161]

Chapter 7: The Settlements in Area D [313]

Chapter 8: The Settlements in the Minor Trenches [335]

Chapter 9: Concluding Discussion [343]


I. Walls and Buildings [371]
II. Pottery Lots and Rutter Pottery Groups [383]
III. Bothros Catalogue and Commentary [397]
IV. Burials [419]
V. The Fauna (by David S. Reese) [421]

References [469]
Index [481]


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