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15 January 2010

Theodore Fyfe: Architect 1875-1945

Peter Soar

Theodore Fyfe: Architect 1875-1945

City: Cambridge

Year: 2009

Publisher: The author

Description: Paperback, 264 p., b/w ill., 24x17 cm


Theodore Fyfe (1875-1945) is widely known as Arthur Evans’s architect during the first five excavating seasons at the Palace of Knossos (1900-1904). From 1904 onwards Fyfe was working mainly for John James Burnet at the British Museum. From 1922 until 1936, he was Director of the Cambridge School of Architecture; and from 1926 until his retirement in 1941 he was University Lecturer in Architecture. Fyfe revisited Knossos in March 1926 and in 1926-27 he directed the excavations of a mediaeval church at Glastonbury. In 1932 he was awarded the Henry Florence Bursary, which enabled him to travel to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Egypt and to study ancient architectural remains; the results of his studies were published as Hellenistic Architecture: An Introductory Study in 1936. He died in a skating accident on 1 January 1945 at his home.


Acknowledgements [6]

Preface by Professor Marcial Echenique OBE [11]

Chapter 1: The Philippines and Glasgow [17]

Chapter 2: London to Crete and Bback [37]

Chapter 3: Edwardian days [73]

Chapter 4: Chester and around [105]

Chapter 5: Cambridge School of Architecture [136]

Chapter 6: Extramural [156]

Chapter 7: Cambridge societies [205]

Chapter 8: Fracas at the School [215]

Chapter 9: ‘Other’ [228]

Chapter 10: Theodore remembered [237]

Bibliography [251]

Chronology [255]

Index [260]

Illustrations [263]



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