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BOOKS | 2009

15 November 2009

Thesprotia Expedition I. Towards a Regional History

Edited by Björn Forsén

Thesprotia Expedition I. Towards a Regional History

City: Helsinki

Year: 2009

Publisher: Finnish Institute at Athens

Series: Papers and Monographies of the Finnish Institute at Athens XV

Description: Paperback, 276 p., b/w ill., maps, 25x17,5 cm


This volume originates in the Thesprotian colloquium that was organised in June 2006 in Athens by the Finnish Institute at Athens and the 8th Ephorate for Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. As several of the papers given at the colloquium already have been published elsewhere, this volume includes less than half of the original papers. Instead new chapters written by members of the Thesprotia Expedition or by other colleagues working in the region have been added. The aim has been to produce a book that will give a general picture of some of the newest results concerning the past of Thesprotia in northwestern Greece, with a special emphasis given to the results of the first three years of the Thesprotia Expedition. The Thesprotia Expedition took place with permission of the Greek Archaeological Service and the Institute for Geological and Mineral Research (IGME). The archaeological field work was conducted under the auspices of the Finnish Institute at Athens and under supervision of the 32nd (formerly 8th) Ephorate for Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in Igoumenitsa and the 8th Ephorate for Byzantine Antiquities in Ioannina.



Björn Forsén, ‘An interdisciplinary Odyssey into the past’ [1-24].

Evangelos Tourloukis & Ourania Palli, ‘The first Mesolithic site of Thesprotia’ [25-38].

Antonia Tzortzatou & Lila Fatsiou, ‘New Early Iron Age and Archaic sites in Thesprotia’ [39-53].

Jeannette Forsén, ‘The ‘Dark Age’ in the Kokytos Valley – Not so dark after all’ [55-72].

Mika Lavento & Maria Lahtinen, ‘Geoarchaeological investigations at Mavromandilia of Prodromi’ [73-87].

Irini Svana, ‘The Rural Sanctuary at Kyra Panagia’[89-96].

Peter Funke, ‘Concilio Epirotarum habitato – Überlegungen zum Problem von Polyzentrismus und Zentralorten im antiken Epirus’ [97-112].

Γιάννης Πίκουλας, ‘Aναζητώντας αμαξιτούς οδούς στη Θεσπρωτία’ [113-117].

Mikko Suha, ‘The fortification walls of Agios Donatos’ [119-132].

Esko Tikkala, ‘The frieze-epistyle blocks of Agios Donatos’ [133-143].

Markku Niskanen, ‘A shift in animal species used for food from the Early Iron Age to the Roman Period’ [145-154].

Janne P. Ikäheimo, ‘Stamped terra sigillata from Agios Donatos’ [155-165].

William Bowden, ‘Thesprotia in the context of Roman and Late Antique Epirus’ [167-184].

Erkki Sironen, ‘Some notes on inscriptions of Roman date from Thesprotia’ [185-196].

Νίκη Βασιλικού, ‘Παλαιοχριστιανική βασιλική στην Κρυσταλλοπηγή Παραμυθιάς’ [197-206].

Asterios Aidonis & Anestis Emmanouil, ‘The people of Doliani: An approach to the paleodemography of the Late Byzantine cemetery’ [207-221].

Mika Hakkarainen, ‘Venetian presence in Thesprotia’ [223-237].

Timo Sironen, ‘An Ottoman sepulchral stele from Paramythia’ [239-243].

Evangelia Balta, Fehmi Yilmaz & Filiz Yaşar, ‘Tsamouria – Nineteenth century Ottoman Thesprotia’ [245-273].


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