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BOOKS | 2013

4 September 2013

World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: A Characterization

Edited by Dan Hicks & Alice Stevenson

World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: A Characterization

City: Oxford

Year: 2013

Publisher: Archaeopress

Description: Paperback, xi+572 p., illustrated throughout in colour and black and white


Between 2009 and 2012, Dr Dan Hicks (Curator of Archaeology and University Lecturer) led a collections-based project that developed the first overview of the range and research potential of the Museum’s world archaeology collections.

The project – Characterizing the World Archaeology Collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum – was funded by a grant of £116,325 from the John Fell OUP Research Fund and with additional support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (IfA Workplace Bursaries scheme) and the Boise Fund.

The project resulted in a book, published in March 2013 as both hard copy and in open access form. This volume – World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: a characterization – introduces the range, history and significance of the archaeological collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum, and sets out priorities for future research into the collection. Through 29 newly-commissioned essays written by a specialist team, the volume explores more than 136,000 artefacts from 145 countries, from the Stone Age to the modern period, and from England to Easter Island.

Pioneering a new approach in museum studies – which the project calls ‘characterization’ – this landmark volume is an essential reference work for archaeologists around the world, and a unique introduction to the archaeological collections of one of the world’s most famous museums.

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List of Contributors [ii]
List of Figures [iv]
List of Tables [viii]
Preface [xi]

1. Dan Hicks, ‘Characterizing the World Archaeology Collections of the Pitt Rivers Museum’ [1-15]


2. Peter Mitchell, ‘Stone Age Sub-Saharan Africa’ [16-34]
3. Ceri Shipton, ‘Kenyan Stone Age: the Louis Leakey Collection’ [35-51]
4. Nick Barton, ‘Stone Age North Africa’ [52-59]
5. Alice Stevenson, ‘Egypt and Sudan: Mesolithic to Early Dynastic Period’ [60-89]
6. Elizabeth Frood, ‘Egypt and Sudan: Old Kingdom to Late Period’ [90-114]
7. Christina Riggs ‘Greco-Roman Egypt’ [115-121]
8. Paul Lane, ‘Later Holocene Africa’ [122-168]


9. Alison Roberts, ‘Palaeolithic Britain’ [169-215]
10. Alison Robert, ‘Palaeolithic Continental Europe’ [216-239]
11. Joshua Pollard and Dan Hicks, ‘Later Prehistoric and Roman Europe’ [240-261]
12. Eleanor Standley, Dan Hicks and Alice Forward, ‘Post-Roman Europe’ [262-278]
13. Matthew Nicholas and Dan Hicks, ‘Oxfordshire’ [279-301]
14. Simon Stoddart, ‘Neolithic and Bronze Age Malta and Italy’ [302-311]
15. Yannis Galanakis and Dan Hicks, ‘The Aegean and Cyprus’ [312-335]
16. Zena Kamash, Lucy Shipley, Yannis Galanakis and Stella Skaltsa, ‘Iron Age and Roman Italy’ [336-357]


17. Bill Sillar and Dan Hicks, ‘South America’ [358-382]
18. Dan Hicks and Alice Stevenson, ‘Central America. Elizabeth Graham’ [383-400]
19. Dan Hicks and Jago Cooper, ‘The Caribbean’ [401-408]
20. Dan Hicks and Michael Petraglia, ‘North America’ [409-454]


21. Dan Hicks, ‘Asia and the Middle East’ [455-470]
22. Bill Finlayson, ‘The Levant: Palestine, Israel and Jordan’ [471-481]
23. Dan Hicks, Michael Petraglia and Nicole Boivin, ‘India and Sri Lanka’ [482-503]
24. Alice Stevenson, Fumiko Ohinta and Simon Kaner, ‘Japan’ [504-510]
25. Lukas Nickel, ‘China’ [511-516]
26. Huw Barton, ‘Myanmar and Malaysia’ [ 517-524]


27. Dan Hicks, ‘Australia and Oceania’ [525-553]
28. Yvonne Marshall, ‘New Zealand’ [554-563]
29. Dan Hicks, Sue Hamilton, Mike Seager Thomas and Ruth Whitehouse, ‘Easter Island and Pitcairn Island’ [564-572]


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