Aegeus Society For Aegean Prehistory


2 February 2024

30th EAA Annual Meeting, Session 354: Scene City. Settlement aggregation and community transformation in the built environment of the eastern Mediterranean between IV-II illennia BC – Call for papers

Rome, 28 – 31 August 2024
Deadline for paper submission: 12 February, 2024
Deadline for poster submission: 8 April, 2024

The purpose of this session is to explore the socio-cultural transformations which characterise the passage from villages to urban centres using architectural evidence as the favourite analytical data-set. It also aims to discuss this multiform phenomenon of change through examples from the Eastern Mediterranean region, including the Aegean, Cyprus and the Levant, during the IV to the II Millennia BC.
Transformations in the built and social environment of prehistoric and protohistoric Mediterranean communities are traced at three different analytical scales in order to discuss patterns of architectural variability and constancy and to compare evidence from different spatial and temporal contexts. Papers dealing with one or more than one scale of analysis are welcome to enhance the discussion.

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