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7 February 2012

A High Coverage Denisovan Genome

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

The genome sequence of a Denisovan individual was generated from a small fragment of a finger bone discovered in Denisova Cave in southern Siberia in 2008. 

Approximately 30-fold coverage of the genome was generated using the Illumina GAIIx sequencing platform. We provide here the additional high-coverage sequence data which augments the previously published sequence data. This data is freely available without passwords.

The data represents sequence data generated on the Illumina GAIIx platform and constitutes an average 30-fold coverage of the Denisovan genome. Focussing on the “mappable genome” – the 1.86GB of unique sequence with  clear human-chimpanzee orthology  – we see 99.97% of bases covered at least 3x and 99.51% covered at least 10x. Contamination with modern human DNA, estimated from both mitochondrial and nuclear genomes, is less than 1%.

Read more: Max Planck Institute


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