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21 April 2012

British Museum Study Day

British School at Athens

On Saturday, November 12th, 2011, a British Museum Study Day was organised by the Department of Greece and Rome (BM) and the British School at Athens. The lectures were recorded by the British Museum and are presently being edited by the British School at Athens IT department for online presentation.

Peter Warren’s Lecture, ‘111 years of excavation and exploration at Knossos’
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Yannis Galanakis’ Lecture, ‘Arthur Evans, The Ashmolean, and the display of Minoan Crete’
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Colin MacDonald’s Lecture, ‘The development of the Bronze Age palace at Knossos’
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Peter Tomkin’s Lecture, ‘From village to city. Knossos from its first occupation until the late 3rd millennium BC’
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Andrew Shapland’s Lecture, ‘Knossos at the British Museum and the British Museum at Knossos’
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Gerald Cadogan’s Lecture, ‘’The Minoan Distance’: Knossos From Modernism To Post-Modernism’
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