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13 November 2012

Excavate a Minoan House Tomb cemetery at Petras (Crete)

The site of Petras offers unique opportunities for people interested in these early periods of Minoan culture. The excavation is already advanced, as it has started in 2004, and up to now 14 House Tombs have been either completely or partially excavated. This makes Petras probably the largest cemetery known to date of this period in Crete. The archaeological sites of Itanos, Palaikastro and Kato Zakros are reachable by bus to the east. Mochlos and Gournia are to the west.

Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou, the project director, is looking for twelve experienced, hard-working excavators, who can dig meticulously, keep a detailed trench notebook, take elevations and draw plans and sections. Each person will be responsible for her or his trench or room.

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