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24 September 2018

Reading and writing: Heinrich Schliemann and Antonios

Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 19.00 - 22.00

Reading and writing: Heinrich Schliemann and Antonios

The Gennadius Library invites you at the exhibition “reading and writing: Heinrich Schliemann and Antonios”.

Selected from his unique diaries, writings of the renowned archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann are placed in dynamic discourse with visually engaging writings of the artist Antonios. Written in 13 languages, from Russian to Arabic and Farsi, Schliemann’s texts function as chronicles of his multi-cultural initiation and transcribe this process materially. Antonios’ work in over 70 languages poses parallel issues, revealing writing as a miraculous, multi-purpose tool. Digitized material from the Schliemann Papers of the Archives of the Gennadius Libray will be also presented.

Curator: Marina Kotzamani

Duration: September 25, 2018 – October 31, 2018

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9.00-17.00

Thursday: 9.00-20.00

Saturday: 9.00-14.00

Guided tours will be given on September 29, October 6, 13, 20 & 27 at 2:00-3:00 pm. For more information, please contact Marina Kotzamani at (210) 6744602, 698 556 4212 or at

The exhibition will also be open to the public on Sept. 26-29 (during the Curtis Concerts) and on October 5 (8:00pm-12:00am).

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