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21 August 2011

Huge number of statue menhirs found on a Sardinian wall

Archaeo News, 31-07-2011

The astonishing discovery in the Sardinian countryside (Italy) of a small drystone wall entirely made of broken standing stones – many carved with stylised human figures – could make the site at Cuccuru e Lai, near Samugheo, one of the most important prehistoric sanctuaries of the island. Mauro Perra, archaeologist manager of the Villanovaforru Museum, said that the finding could be as important as the Mount Prama statues – a unique discovery with huge historical and scientific values. The broken standing stones date back to the Copper Age, or about 5000 years ago, and fit perfectly on the drystone wall, as they were probably broken up about 70 years ago, when the wall was built.

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