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28 September 2016

New Mycenaean find from SW Bulgaria

Balkan Heritage Foundation, 21/08/2016

An almost complete Mycenaean vessel, an alabastron used as a container for ointments, was found this summer in a Late Bronze Age (13th cent. BCE) settlement in Bresto, Southwestern Bulgaria. Mycenaean pottery has only very rarely been found in Bulgaria so far.

The find sheds new light on the relations between the southern Bulgarian mountain regions and the urban centers in the Aegean at the time of the Mycenaean palaces.

The strongly fortified settlement of Bresto, on the territory of the modern village Banya, municipality of Razlog, is currently excavated by archaeologists from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the New Bulgarian University Sofia. Thanks to the Balkan Heritage Field School and the support of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, students from the USA, Great Britain and Australia take part in the research.

The fortified settlement of Bresto is located on a hill slope, surrounded by a river bend of a tributary of the Mesta/Nestos river. The Mycenaean vessel was found in a small passage next to a huge building with an apsidal ending.



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