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9 December 2015

Press Release on the discovery of the throne of the palace at Mycenae

Christofilis Maggidis, Mycenaean Foundation, 7/12/2015

Press Release on the discovery of the throne of the palace at Mycenae

It is with surprise that I was informed today of the press release from the Ministry of Culture regarding our discovery of the stone throne of the Mycenaean palace at Mycenae during the excavations of Mycenae, under the auspices of the Athens Archaeological Society, in June 2014.

It is puzzling that the Ministry, though officially notified of the discovery with my report of 07.27.2015, decided to publicize the arbitrary and unfounded statement of the Archaeological Society that rejects, inexplicably and prematurely, the interpretation of the find as part of the throne.

What is even more puzzling is the attempt of the Archaeological Society and their Secretary General, Mr. B. Petrakos, to disdain such an important discovery by biasing the scientific publication of the find, with complete disregard for professional ethics. In my absence (as excavator and researcher) and without my knowledge, Mr. Petrakos formed a committee to “thoroughly examine” (within two hours) the very find that we have been studying for a whole year. The committee discredited our interpretation, without having any access to our study data, and determined impromptu that the find is merely a stone “basin.” Mr. Petrakos and his committee are hereby reminded that no “thorough” examination can be conducted within hours and without data.


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