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27 November 2023

Second International Workshop on Relations Between the Indus and the Aegean in the Bronze Age – Call for papers

Second International Workshop on Relations Between the Indus and the Aegean in the Bronze Age


29-30 November 2024
University of Oxford


The First International Workshop was held at the University of Oxford in December 2022, the papers of which are nearing publication. It examined contacts between the Indus and the Aegean through connections between the Indus Civilisation and West Asia and then expanded to the societies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age Aegean, including the shores of Western Anatolia, with their slowly emerging palace-based economies and complex social structures. This workshop will specifically concentrate on those commodities that are believed to have originated in Central and South Asia, such as tin, lapis lazuli and carnelian and the ‘trickle down’ contact that existed through an early world system, which included the Indus, the Persian Gulf, West Asia and Egypt, dating to the second half of the third millennium BC.


Other than the keynote speaker, thirty minutes will be allocated to each paper, with twenty-minute presentations, plus ten minutes for questions and discussion. There will also be adequate time for additional discussion built into the programme.


We aim to invite pall presenters to offer their papers for publication in a peer reviewed proceeding of the workshop. The lead editor will be Dr Marie Nicole Pareja and will again be offered to Archaeopress of Oxford.

Call for Papers

Offers of papers in English (with abstracts up to 250 words) should be sent to the email address below by 29 February 2024 at the latest. If any proposed participant requires a formal letter of invitation for purposes of applying for a UK visa or funding, please let us know. Those who wish to attend and are not presenting are very welcome. Offers of papers should be sent to<>, from whom further information is available.

Academic Committee

Professor Robert Arnott (Green Templeton College, University of Oxford)

Dr Marie Nicole Pareja (University of Pennsylvania and ABASI)

Dr Andrew Shapland (Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford)


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