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25 February 2022

Sparta Groundwork: SPHS Images of Early BSA Explorations in Laconia

BSA, 23.02.2022

One of the major British School at Athens (BSA) archaeological endeavours in the early 20th century was the campaign in and around Sparta in 1906-1910: the survey and accompanying trial excavations in various parts of the ancient site of Sparta, but most significantly, the extensive excavation of the sanctuary of Atemis Orthia and that of the nearby Menelaion. However, quite a bit of groundwork preceded these investigations. The Annual Report printed in the Annual of the British School at Athens (ABSA) described the busy 1903-1904 academic year, mentioning the construction of the new Penrose Library, the successful excavations on Crete at Palaikastro (see Archive Story, Digging Crete), and, significantly, the inception of a survey of Laconia.



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