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29 March 2016

The Restoration [of Knossos]: Turner winner Elizabeth Price on breaking the glass cabinet

C.Higgins, The Guardian, 21/3/2016

Elizabeth Price has taken exhibits from Sir Arthur Evans’s landmark excavation of Knossos and brought them back to life. Some winners of the Turner prize lap up the attention. At the extreme end of the spectrum lies Grayson Perry who, since winning the award, has forged a successful TV career. Others prefer to withdraw to the shadows once the fuss has died down. Elizabeth Price, who won in 2012, is firmly in the latter category. She says she found the experience of the prize “exciting but I felt out of my depth quite often”.

One would hardly think it of someone who in a previous life had been a pop star: she was in Talulah Gosh, the 80s indie band, though she says she never really took to being on stage. When she accepted the Turner prize, she also did something unusual: made a brisk, articulate and politically charged speech, railing against the downgrading of arts education. Emails poured in, which needed replying to. “A lot of artists have a staff and run a small business. I don’t.” It was fantastic, she says, but overwhelming. “Every time the Turner prize comes around, I have a slight feeling of, ‘It was an amazing thing but I am really glad my time is in the past.’”



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