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29 March 2020

Virtual Open Day, Research Master Archaeology, Groningen, 3 April 2020, between 15:00-17:00

The 2-year Research Master Archaeology in Groningen, the Netherlands – voted for two years in a row the best graduate programme in the Netherlands- is a selective programme for talented and ambitious students. The programme prepares students for the competitive (international) PhD market, for specialist positions, and for responsible positions in the heritage/cultural sector.  It aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of key debates and important developments in archaeology, develop their research and professional skills, cultivate a critical attitude, encourage them to look beyond their own expertise and promote student engagement with contemporary issues.

The programme combines intensive research training (students follow five compulsory courses, especially designed for  Research Master students) and a flexible structure, allowing students to tailor the programme to their individual needs and interests. The programme benefits from excellent reference collections and research facilities. It has a broad geographical and chronological coverage, with clear foci representing the research specialisations of the Groningen Institute of Archaeology. In collaboration with international partners, students actively participate in research projects carried out in the Arctic, the Netherlands, the Mediterranean and the Near/Middle East. There is a thriving group of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers working on Aegean prehistory, or Greek archaeology in general, but also on zooarchaeology, osteoarchaeology, archaeobotany, isotopic analyses, radiocarbon analysis,  digital archaeology, etc. The programme is taught entirely in English.  Last, but not least: University fees in the Netherlands (for EU students) are very low.

Interested students can register for the Virtual Open Day on 3 April 202o:

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Or write to the Director of Studies, Prof. S. Voutsaki ( and the student ambassador, Ms Pinar Erdil (


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