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31 October 2012

Wall paintings in Çatalhöyük will be recreated for visitors in four experimental houses at the site

Hurriyet daily news, 25-10-2012

9,000-year-old civilization will come alive in four experimental houses at Çatalhöyük, an ancient settlement in Konya’s Çumra district included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. The assistant director of the Çatalhöyük excavations, Serap Özdöl, told Anatolia news agency that four experimental houses would be built at Çatalhöyük, one of the earliest human settlements in the world. The houses will bring to the forefront animal paintings that were important for the people living in Anatolia in this period including figures of leopards, bulls and vultures. In these wall paintings, which are accepted as some of the earliest artworks, leopard skins are seen on people, Özdöl said, adding that in the same pictures, figures of vultures and strong bulls frequently appear. “Clearly these signified certain qualities and even god-like powers to the people who lived in these houses.” 

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